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Welcome Back to School! welcome back!

Welcome back to school everyone!!!

We are looking forward to another great year and everyone is really excited to see all the students return. The classrooms are ready, the new books are set, and the teachers are ready to outpour all kinds of love and laughs...

Please continue to pray for the safety and success of all His children as we undertake a new season of learning and loving our Lord Jesus Christ!!!

CCA’s original founding board member resigns to focus on international ministries... pastor Geoff

With deep pride and humbled spirit, our chairman-of-the-board Rev. Geoffrey Rinehart has submitted his resignation to our board and administrative-team detailing his need to focus his attentions to his primary calling as the president of Communitas International.

Pastor Geoff has been dedicated to the purpose and ministry of CornerStone since May of 2008 when Mr. Young purchased CCA. Upon the transition to a non-profit ministry in 2015, pastor Geoff became the first and founding member of our board. Yet during this time, he’s also been leading a homegroup fellowship, planting churches, and serving with Communitas International.

Not long after starting with Communitas, his calling and talents were recognized widespread and he was asked to become the president of their world-wide ministry. Seeing the needs first-hand, pastor Geoff has prayed and been guided to yield his full time and considerations to this extremely important mission-field.

We are so thankful for pastor Geoff’s time, efforts, attentions, dedications, prayers, love and support throughout these last 14-years of our work for the Lord Jesus.

Please join us in thanking the Lord for our blessings in having pastor Geoff and all his leadership over his time with us…

Shalom blessings Rev. Rinehart.

The 2022-2023 CCA Academic Calendar is out!!! 2022-2023 Academic Calendar Landscape

The 2022-2023 Academic YEAR-ROUND Calendar is now available. This is set to help provide CCA families with the ability to schedule various appointments (dental, orthodontics, etc.), family outings & vacations, and other extracurricular activities. With advanced scheduling, this provides our families the chance to plan accordingly and maximize student attendance.


Please be reminded, although changes are rare, the schedule is "subject to change"...


BLESSED AGAIN!!! lot fixed

Parking Lot Fixed!!!

We want to thank the following people for their time, money, and efforts in repairing our parking lot: Pat Gertsch, Pat Gertsch Concrete/Construction, Steve and Katie Hirst, Hirst Construction, Frankie Collins, Collins Trucking, and Jason Harsch, Hidden Ridge Trucking.

Several weeks ago, our lot was damaged by the county sanitation truck. Now, with the kindness and consideration of those mentioned above, our lot is repaired – no more eyesore!

Again, we are very grateful for all those who donate in so many ways towards making our school better. We especially appreciate the prayers! Thank you everyone for your blessings and love!!


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