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Text  (208) 964-4617

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Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education, Minor in Literacy 

Lewis Clark State College, Coeur d 'Alene PACE program

           I believe students learn best when they can relate learning material to meaningful experiences. Experience and be life outside of school  such as, experiences with family, and experiences with relatives, and culture, but also experiences in the classroom with hands-on differentiated instruction. I believe the secret to engaging students is personal connections to our students' lives and to real-life experiences. The teacher plays an important role as a cheerleader, supporter, negotiator and guide to our students learning. 

          I believe that my students, as all humans are, social and dependent upon each other. Children can often teach each other and make better connections with their peers. Our students spend more time with us in the classroom than they do with their parents' home. A teacher should be more than just the person who delivers new information. Educators must wear many hats to support our students in our classroom.I teach because I believe in serving my community, my God, and the children of this world. I encourage lifelong learning by sharing my enthusiasm for learning with my students. I teach my students responsibility, accountability, cooperation and other social skills. 

         I want my students who use their minds for creative, critical, and bold thinking. When my students leave my classroom, I want them to be problem solvers and excellent communicators. I strive to be dynamic professional, this means that I will use assessments to drive my instruction, collaborate with my peers, and cooperate with my administrators. As a modern day educator it is my job not only to teach kids but to be a true professional within my building.