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  • Off-Week (May 22-June 12)

    Hi parents! Our students are right on track with the school calendar and have not missed any learning days!! Well done!! As a result, we have a regularly-scheduled break May 22-June 12 as detailed on the school calendar. There will be no school (on-site or online learning) during that time but daycare services are available. Online learners will have no packets during the break and new packets will available Friday, June 12 for the week of June 15. Please see the school office if you do not currently utilize daycare services but would like to see daycare availability. Enjoy the three-week break!

    Ps- we are trying for June 19 to be our “Family Day” (Mother’s Day Brunch and Father’s Day BBQ combined)…stay tuned for more details!

  • Class Newsletters May 4-8, 2020

    CCA NEWSLETTERS – MAY 4-8, 2020

    Hello!  Because we are in this transition period going to school half-day, our normal newsletters will be changing.  Each teacher will be conducting lessons for 2.5 hours a day with your child.  There should be no need to do the Abeka Academy videos at home unless you are a family that is continuing the online learning for social distancing purposes.  For those returning to on-site learning, homework should only consist of items not completed at school such as reading, cursive, or assignments not finished in class.  Please email Mrs. Young if you have any questions.  God bless you! 

    CCA Elementary Staff

  • Online Learning Begins April 6

    Parents and caregivers - please refer to your online learning packets and private class pages on Facebook for this week's work activities and lessons.  God bless you!  Mrs. Young :) 

  • Week 23 Mar. 16-20

    Hello everyone. This last week your students have worked really hard on completing all missing/ incomplete assignments. A couple kiddos still have missing cursive pages and math assignments, so completing these and turning them in will help their grade tremendously. Thank you so much for all that you do to help our class excel. Below is next weeks spelling words.

    God bless,

    Mrs. Padula 

    WEEK 23 list 

    1. icicle 

    2. presence 

    3. notice 

    4. recess

    5. celery

    6. glance 

    7. practice 

    8. prince 

    9. distance 

    10. participate 

    11. celebrate 

    12. scenery 

    13. coconut 

    14. capital 

    15. cafeteria 

    16. cotton 

    17. calendar 

    18. cupboard 

    19. Calvary 

    20. calculator 

    21. decision- the act of making up one's mind 

    22. continually- always; without stopping 

    23. influence- power over others 

    24. confidence- a firm a firm belief or trust 

    25. justice- fairness 

  • WEEK 22 3/9-3-13

    Hello third grade families. We had any amazing first week back. We have completed so much and I am so proud of our students. This up-coming week we will be completing our History section and studying for the history test on Friday. I am very proud of how hard your student's worked on studying for their science test. Their effort definitely showed in their grades. Below is this weeks list of Spelling words, thank you so much for all your help in this area, studying at home definitely benefits your student. 

    WEEK 22 LIST 

    1. ceiling 

    2. receive

    3. receipt

    4. cried

    5. replies

    6. brief

    7. field

    8. niece

    9. relief

    10. believe

    11. beige

    12. vein

    13. eighty

    14. neighbor

    15. sleigh

    16. weight

    17. fierce

    18. achieve

    19. retrieve

    20. piece 


    21. deceive- to cheat, trick, or mislead

    22. conceited- proud

    23. hygiene- cleanliness

    24. shriek- a scream 

    25. leisure- free time 


    Our children’s theatre play, “Stella the Starfish” will be February 29th from 10-10:30am at the Altar Church.  Rehearsals are during DRAMA CAMP, Feb 24-28 from 8:30-11:30am.  STELLA

  • WEEK 21 March 2-6th

    Hello third grade families. I hope you all enjoyed your off week and the sunshine. This upcoming week we are continuing in all our subjects strong. Thank you so much for helping your student with their spelling words, we don't have a lot of time in class to study them. Science has been a lot of fun lately, i hope you've heard all about it from your student. I pray you all have an amazing week and below is week 21's spelling words. 

    God bless, 

    Mrs. Padula 

    List 21

    1. shampoo

    2. coffee

    3. almanac

    4. boomerang 

    5. apostle 

    6. vanilla 

    7. patio 

    8. tornado 

    9. chocolate 

    10. moccasins 

    11. bouquet 

    12. court 

    13. pasta 

    14. plaza 

    15. violin

    16. typhoon 

    17. window 

    18. waffle 

    19. pretzel 

    20. kindergarten 

    21. futon- a Japanese bed 

    22. kimono- a Japanese robe 

    23. hallelujah- praise the Lord 

    24. smithereens- small fragments 

    25. tortilla- Mexican flatbread 

  • Week 20 Feb. 17-21

    Hello everyone :) 

    I hope you enjoyed your three day weekend. Our Valentine's Day party was a blast. This up-coming week we are staying on track with our curriculum. Just a reminder next week is an off-week, but Mrs. Young will be having Drama Camp. Below are the spelling words for this week. I pray each one of your families are blessed and thank you so much for all that you do. 

    Mrs. Padula 

    LIST 20 

    1. aren't 

    2. didn't

    3. can't

    4. don't 

    5. isn't

    6. won't

    7. hasn't

    8. wasn't

    9. wouldn't 

    10. haven't

    11. decide

    12. decision

    13. divide

    14. division

    15. confuse

    16. confusion

    17. discuss

    18. discussion

    19. January

    20. February

    21. integrity- honesty

    22. persistent- not giving up

    23. fiction- a story from the imagination

    24. gratitude- thankfulness 

    25. alert- wide awake 


  • WEEK 19 Feb 10-14

    Hello third grade families! We are starting our 3rd term off strong this week, followed by a Valentine's Day party on Friday. We would appreciate any yummy snacks or treats that you can bring. Our party will take place after lunch, in the morning we will be testing. Each student is going to make their own Valentine's Day box to pass their cards out into; The class students are below- 














    Below is also the new spelling words for this week. 

    List 19

    1. United States 

    2. Australia

    3. Canada

    4. Mexico

    5. Japan

    6. England 

    7. Africa

    8. Spain

    9. Germany

    10. Iceland

    11. Brazil

    12. Egypt

    13. North America

    14. South America

    15. Atlantic Ocean 

    16. Pacific Ocean

    17. Japanese

    18. English

    19. Spanish

    20. Chinese 

    21. geography- the study of the earth 

    22. continents- large bodies of land 

    23. globe- a round map of the earth

    24. foreign- from another country 

    25. atlas- a book of maps 



  • WEEK 18 Feb. 3-7

    Welcome back! I hope you all enjoyed your week off. We are approaching the end of the term so it is very important for any students that have zero's on assignments to get those finished and turned in before Feb. 7th. We are diligently working on our Pilgrim's Progress project for reading and its so much fun. If your student could bring a poster board that would be awesome. Below is list 18 for your spelling words. We will not be completing a reading log for homework for a while. Thank you so much for all your help. 

    List 18

    1. nonstop

    2. nonfiction

    3. nonsense

    4. disagree

    5. disappear

    6. impossible 

    7. improper

    8. illegal

    9. illogical

    10. research 

    11. react 

    12. unusual 

    13. inactive 

    14. starlight 

    15. moonlight 

    16. twinkle 

    17. comet 

    18. planets

    19. universe 

    20. earth 

    21. creation- all that God made 

    22. design- to plan or create 

    23. enormous- very, very large 

  • Week 17 Jan. 20-24

    Hello third grade families. As we go into our 17th week of school I just wanted to tell you (parents/ guardians) that I am so grateful for you all, and am so proud of your students. As a class; we tested AMAZINGLY in Science last week! Thank you so much for helping your students excel and studying with them. This next week we have a lot to get done, so attendance is key. We are finishing our Pilgrim's Progress book and will be writing our Book Report together. We are down to two weeks left before the end of the second term, so any missing assignments will need to be turned in before then for credit. Below is the new list of spelling words (practicing at home really helps).  Don't forget to read the newsletter in the link to the right. > >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    1. peaceful

    2. wonderful

    3. careful

    4. grateful

    5. truthful

    6. spotless

    7. fearless

    8. helpless

    9. wireless

    10. endless

    11. presents

    12. holly

    13. December 

    14. Christmas 

    15. Savior

    16. Lord Jesus 

    17. Emmanuel 

    18. angels 

    19. Bethlehem

    20. shepherds

    21. multitude- a crowd

    22. tidings- news

    23. decree- order or command 

  • WEEK 16 Jan. 13-17

    Hello third grade families. What a great first week back from our Christmas break. Your students are doing amazing and we are getting a lot done. We have started our book called Pilgrim's Progress and will be doing our 2nd Term book report together. Since we are doing so much reading in class, until we finish Pilgrim's Progress we won't have a nightly reading log to complete. If you can focus on studying spelling words with your student that will be a HUGE help. Thank you for all that you do for the success of our class and your student's. Have an amazing week! 

    List 16-

    1. squeeze 

    2. frequent

    3. childhood

    4. anchor

    5. sandwich 

    6. monkeys

    7. deliveries

    8. families

    9. written

    10. knuckle

    11. kneel 

    12. blanket

    13. jacket

    14. tickle

    15. pitcher

    16. trophy

    17. dolphin

    18. answer

    19. psalm

    20. listen

    21. adequate- enough

    22. reverent- showing respect, awe, and love

    23. island- land surrounded by water 


  • WEEK 15 Jan. 6-10th

    Hello third grade families. Welcome back! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas, celebrating the birth of our Savior. We are right back to work for the next couple weeks. I am so proud of how well your students are excelling and testing. Thank you for all your extra help with the study guides and practicing spelling words with your students, it truly helps. Below is this weeks list of Spelling words and don't forget to look at the Newsletter flyer link to your right. 


    1. boardwalk

    2. folktale

    3. answer

    4. sword 

    5. listen 

    6. would 

    7. should 

    8. often 

    9. psalm

    10. yolk

    11. halfway 

    12. doubt 

    13. calm

    14. thumbprint 

    15. December

    16. January 

    17. February 

    18. fireplace 

    19. wintertime 

    20. snowstorm 

    21. debt- something that is owed 

    22. hymn- a praise song to God 

    23. island- land surrounded by water 

  • WEEK 14 Dec. 16-20

    Hello third grade families. WOW!! I cant believe Christmas break is almost here. I hope you all enjoyed the Christmas program. Thank you for participating and making the program so enjoyable and fun. This upcoming week we will be testing in most subjects. Your students have a History study guide to study for their upcoming test on Tuesday. On Friday we will be having half a school day- curriculum will take place in the morning and then after lunch we will have our Christmas party. Students are welcome to bring treats and wear their pajamas. Below is our Spelling words for the week. Our next book report will be done in class on Pilgrims Progress. This will be completed February 7th. CCA will be closed Dec. 23,24,25 for christmas and Jan. 1st for New Years Day. Our off- week is Dec. 23- Jan. 3rd for Christmas break. Daycare will be available during the off weeks (except the days the school is closed).  Thank you so much for all you do as guardians. We are so grateful for you. 

    WEEk 14 

    1. pitcher

    2. switch

    3. catcher

    4. kitchen

    5. stretching 

    6. speech 

    7. beach 

    8. branch

    9. torch 

    10. French 

    11. arch 

    12. touch 

    13. nephew

    14. prophet

    15. orphan 

    16. trophy 

    17. dolphin 

    18. graph

    19. photographer 

    20. gopher

    21. autograph- a signature 

    22. purchase- to buy something 

    23. drench- to soak  

  • WEEK 13

    Hello third grade families. Thank you all for the amazing time and participation with the Eagle Cruise field trip. We all had so much fun and i loved seeing the excitement on all the students faces. This up-coming week we have a lot of new concepts and are finishing the week with Testing. Everyone seems to be doing very well. Below is the new spelling list. Thank you so much for all the hard work in helping your students learn their words. Please don't forget to click the link to the right of this page to see the flyer. Thank you all for everything you do. 

    1. turkey

    2. basket

    3. blanket

    4. cloak

    5. creek

    6. crackers

    7. jacket

    8. clockwise

    9. cricket

    10. tickle

    11. bucket

    12. Mayflower

    13. Pilgrims

    14. courage

    15. Thanksgiving Day 

    16. praise

    17. holiday

    18. Plymouth 

    19. feasting 

    20. cranberries

    21. gratitude- thankfulness 

    22. freedom- liberty

    23. reverent- showing respect, awe, and love 

  • WEEK 12 Newsletter

    Welcome back! I hope everyone enjoyed their break and Thanksgiving. This up-coming week we are right back to our regular schedule, followed by our EAGLE CRUISE FRIDAY. We need all permission slips and money turned in by Tuesday, Dec. 3rd. Parents and other family members may attend. Cost is $10 per person. CCA school and daycare will be closed DEC. 23-25 for Christmas. Christmas break is Dec. 26- Jan. 3rd.  Please read over the principals note for any other updates I missed and click the link to the right for our class flyer. 


    THIS Friday, November 6th, is our annual Eagle Cruise!

    We will be departing at 9:15am and heading to the CDA resort. There is free parking located at the CDA library next to McEuen Park. The cruise leaves at 10:00am.

    IF YOU ARE ABLE TO DRIVE, please let me know. 

    Looking forward to a fun filled Friday

    WEEK 12 Spelling words 

    1. wrist

    2. wrapper

    3. wrinkle

    4. wrench

    5. wrong

    6. written

    7. knotted

    8. kneel

    9. knit

    10. knight

    11. knead

    12. knew

    13. knuckle

    14. gnaw

    15. gnash

    16. gnu

    17. waterfall

    18. grandparents

    19. zookeeper

    20. wildlife 

    21. scamper- to run quickly 

    22. wrath- anger

    23. knack- talent or ability 

  • Snack needed

    Snack needed for CCA daycare :) Thank you in advance for helping

  • Off-Week (Nov 25-29)

    NO SCHOOL Nov 25-29 (Off-Week)

    SCHOOL AND DAYCARE CLOSED Nov 28-29 for Thanksgiving...

    God bless and enjoy a week of giving thanks!

  • Week 11 NEWSLETTER

    Hello Third grade families. Thank you all so much for the amazing parent- teacher conferences, it was a pleasure to talk with all of you. I am very excited for the second Term. We have a lot of fun activities planned and goals to be accomplished. Just a reminder that CCA will be closed Nov. 28-29, we also have a off-week Nov. 25-29th, but daycare is available for the day's CCA isn't closed.  Below is Week 11's spelling list. Thank you all for everything and don't forget to click the link on the right for the weekly flyer. God bless you all. 

    WEEK 11 

    1. valleys

    2. monkeys

    3. journeys

    4. pulleys

    5. trolleys

    6. holidays

    7. pathways

    8. highways

    9. trays

    10. deliveries

    11. pennies

    12. stories

    13. ladies

    14. puppies

    15. libraries

    16. cherries

    17. families

    18. countries

    19. hobbies

    20. cities

    21. prepare- to make ready 

    22. serene- calm

    23. hazard- risk; danger 

  • Week 10 Newsletter

    Hello third grade families. As we go into our 10th week of school, we have a different schedule this week. REMEMBER Monday there is NO SCHOOL or DAYCARE! Thank you to all our veteran's that have served or are currently serving, you are greatly appreciated! This week we will be sticking with our daily schedule on Tuesday and Wednesday, then on Thursday and Friday there is No-School but daycare is available. I will post the finalized schedule for Parent- Teacher conferences below along with Week 10 spelling word list. We will be practicing these words in class on Tuesday and Wednesday, but we WILL NOT be having a Test. This weeks class store was a HUGE success and it was so much fun to see everyone so excited for it. I have sent home a permission slip for our Eagle Cruise field Trip coming up on Dec. 6th, If you can come and drive it would be a huge help, if not no worries. The cost is $10 per person and it's going to be a lot of FUN! Thank you so much for all that you do to help your students succeed and our school excel. Bless you all. 


    WED. Nov. 13th 

    3:30-4:00 Alayna Slayton 

    4:00-4:30 Tallulah Lowry 

    THURS. Nov. 14th 

    8:00-8:30 Lill & London Fletcher 

    8:30-9:00 Peyton Alexander 

    9:00- 9:30 Troy Haynes 

    10:00- 10:30 Presten Denison 

    10:30- 11:00 Ezekiel Heckman 

    FRI. Nov. 15th 

    8:00- 8:30  Rachel Hayton 

    9:00- 9:30 Kyara Thomas 

    9:30-10:00- Warren Everett 

    11:30- 12:00  Gabriel Gruhlke 

    12:00- 12:30 Lyla Taylor 


    1. childhood

    2. chapter

    3. teacher

    4. cheerful

    5. cheese

    6. sandwich

    7. chapel

    8. chief

    9. chef

    10. parachute

    11. ache

    12. Christian

    13. character

    14. anchor

    15. chorus

    16. stomach

    17. school

    18. echo

    19. choir

    20. orchestra 

    21. chore- a small job

    22. approach- to come near 

    23. scheme- a plan or plot 

  • Week 9 Newsletter

    Hello third grade families! WOW!! I am so proud of the amazing book reports and projects your student's accomplished. Great job everyone. This 9th week of school is going to be regular curriculum and finishing up subjects for the end of the 1st Term. I am looking forward to our parent- teacher conferences on Nov. 14th and 15th. Just a reminder There is no school on November 11 (daycare is closed as well),14, and 15th (daycare is available). Also November 22nd is our "Thanksgiving Feast", we would love to have you join us. Below is the spelling list for week 9. Thank you so much for all you do as guardians. YOU are appreciated! 

    Week 9

    1. quotation

    2. quite

    3. questions

    4. quench

    5. quail

    6. quiet

    7. quickly

    8. earthquake

    9. quill

    10. squeeze

    11. squirrel

    12. squirm

    13. squid

    14. liquid

    15. equals

    16. frequent

    17. aqua

    18. aquarium 

    19. banquet

    20. quarters

    21. adequate- enough

    22. quarrel-to argue 

    23. inquire- to ask about 

  • Week 8 Newsletter

    Hello third grade families. What a busy last week, I cant believe we are already going into our 8th week of school! I am so amazed at how well your students are all doing. Don't forget to check the Principal's note for this week and also the flyer )the link is to the right of this page). Also, if you have any questions on the book report that is due on Friday, please don't hesitate to ask. I have given the students a "summary helper" to give them ideas on what to write. They do no need to turn the helper in, just the summary that they write on their own paper. The box project has the students writing a summary and putting it on the box. If they chose " the box" as their choice, they don't need to write two summary's, just the one for the box.  Below is the spelling list for the up-coming week. 

    WEEK 8 

    1. choice 

    2. moisture 

    3. spoil

    4. annoy

    5. airplane 

    6. maybe

    7. praise

    8. miracle

    9. parable

    10. cookie 

    11. collie

    12. Hawaii

    13. serve

    14. native

    15. active

    16. wolves 

    17. loaves

    18. bridge

    19. smudge

    20. knowledge

    21. brittle- easily broken 

    22. proclaim- to declare

    23. voyage- a long trip across water 

  • WEEK 7

    Hi third grade families. I am so pleased with how well each one of your students are doing. This week we added a bunch of new concepts. So our little minds are exploding with information and we are having a lot of fun. In math we added division and we seemed to do alright with it. I noticed the ones having a hard time were mainly because they are still having a hard time with multiplication. So any help at home with multiplication factors (up to 12) would be amazing. This week we have a Language Test on Tuesday the 22nd and Friday we have our History Test. I will make a study guide to help your student be prepared. Also if you get a big stack of "graded papers" this will help you observe where your student may need help and where they are excelling. Thank you so much for helping us excel in class and for everything you do. YOU ARE AMAZING! 

    Week 7 

    1. pledge

    2. judge

    3. fringe

    4. bridge

    5. smudge

    6. hedge

    7. dodge

    8. plunge

    9. badge

    10. knowledge

    11. wheelbarrow 

    12. sunshine

    13. beehive

    14. farmhouse

    15. windmill

    16. haystack 

    17. tractor

    18. weathervane 

    19. northeast

    20. southwest

    21. wage- the payment someone earns

    22. advantage- a help or benefit

    23. trudge- to walk slowly and heavily 

  • Week 6 Oct. 14-18

    Hello third grade families. I hope you all enjoyed your "off- week". This up-coming week will be filled with a lot of fun. On the 18th we will have our first field trip to the Prairie Farms pumpkin patch (weather permitting). Feel free to join us if you're available.  Cost is $8 and due by Wednesday. Don't forget to check the flyer to the right for more info, just click WEEK 6 link. Below is week 6's spelling words. 

    1. knives

    2. leaves

    3. shelves

    4. yourselves

    5. wolves

    6. thieves

    7. giraffes

    8. scarves

    9. loaves

    10. football

    11. peanuts

    12. hayride

    13. scarecrow

    14. raincoat

    15. pumpkins

    16. bountiful

    17. orchard

    18. acorn- the seed of an oak tree 

    19. harvest- the gathering of crops 

    20. weather- the condition of the air 



  • Week 5 Sept. 30th-Oct. 4th

    Hello third grade families. I am so amazed at how much we have already accomplished in such a short time. Your students are so SMART!!! Here is the up-coming weeks spelling words and don't forget to click the link to the right to see our weekly flyer. Thank you! 

    Mrs. Padula 

    Spelling List #5

    1. above 

    2. cursive

    3. olive

    4. native

    5. forgive

    6. active

    7. creative

    8. glove

    9. captive 

    10. playground

    11. skateboard

    12. crosswalk

    13. friendship

    14. arithmetic

    15. science

    16. language

    17. history

    18. adjective- word that describes a noun

    19. observe- to watch carefully

    20. relative- a family member 

    **We add a silent e to the end of the word, even though the preceding vowel may not need it. 

  • Week 4 Sept. 23-27th

    Hello families, we are already to week 4 and everything seems to be going very well. I have attached the weekly flyer in the link to the right. Below is the 4th week spelling words. 

    1. cookie

    2. magpie

    3. collie

    4. brownie

    5. pie

    6. untie

    7. ski

    8. safari

    9. macaroni

    10. Hawaii

    11. moonlight

    12. firefly

    13. butterfly

    14. slippery

    15. splatter

    16. balloon

    17. scribble 

    18. timpani- large drums

    19. appear- to be seen 

    20. prairie- grassland with few trees 


  • Week 3 Sept. 16-20

    Hello third grade families. I can't believe we are already at week 3. It is going fast. We have a lot coming up this week. We will have our first Language Test on Tuesday and our first math quiz on Thursday. Your students have done an amazing job at studying their spelling words and staying on track in class. i am so pleased with our class. Just a reminder our weekly homework will be our reading log (completed mon-thur) and our spelling words written 3x each. All homework is due on Friday's. Thank you so much for all your help making our students excel to their best potential. 

    WEEK 3:

    1. Bible

    2. parable

    3. miracle

    4. disciple

    5. tumble

    6. scramble

    7. drizzle

    8. icicle

    9. eagle

    10. sprinkle

    11. strawberry

    12. ladybug

    13. milkshake

    14. spring

    15. summer

    16. autumn

    17. winter

    18. struggle- a difficult task

    19. valuable- worth much

    20. brittle- easily broken 

  • Week 2 Sept 9-13

    Hi third grade families. We had an amazing first week. I wanted to let you know I have sent home all the work from this previous week with your student. So please take a look so you can see what we have learned. Their grades have been logged into Jupiter grades as well.

    In Math we are learning the place value up to one thousand, telling time, two digit addition, addition with carrying, two-digit subtraction, linear measures and rounding to the nearest ten. In language we have learned about sentences; declarative,interrogative, exclamatory and imperative. We have went over capitalization and inserting the right punctuation. I am going to put the spelling list here for this week. Remember to click the link to the right of this page for the weekly flyer. Thank you

    ***PICTURE DAY CHANGE Sept, 19 


    1. choice

    2. voice

    3. rejoice

    4. boiling

    5. toiled

    6. spoil

    7. moisture

    8. soy

    9. annoy

    10. decoy

    11. Sunday 

    12. Monday

    13. Tuesday

    14. Wednesday

    15. Thursday

    16. Friday

    17. Saturday 

    18. voyage-a long trip across water

    19. loyal-faithful and true

    20. employ-to hire for a job 


  • WEEK 1 Sept 3-6th

    Hello third grade parents. I am so excited to teach your children this year. I have attached a link on the right of this page with our weekly newsletter on it. Please read through it, as it will be posted weekly with upcoming studies and events. I encourage you all to check out the principals note weekly as well to stay updated on the school. Every week I will leave a copy of your students spelling words right here for easy access in-case they lost their hard copy that gets sent home at the beginning of the week. As we come into our classroom on Tuesday, please put your students supplies right on their desk and we will sort through it all. I will be sending home a class expectation letter and some "parent homework" for you as well this week. I pray each one of your families is blessed with Joy and Peace from our Lord. 


    Spelling List Week 1 

    1. praise

    2. braid

    3. faith

    4. airplane

    5. stairway

    6. today

    7. daydream

    8. maybe 

    9. backpack

    10. homework

    11. bookshelf

    12. notebook 

    13. lunchbox

    14. spelling

    15. August

    16. September

    17. October

    Vocabulary Words

    18. frail-weak 

    19. plain- flat land with few trees

    20. proclaim- to declare 

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