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  • WEEK 4 Sept. 28- Oct. 2

    WOW! What an incredible third week. I am so impressed at how hard each one of your students has worked. We are right on track with our curriculum and I am very proud of everyone. We have had a majority of the missing assignments turned in, so that is great. I still have a couple students with missing work. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact me. 

    In spelling for the week, it states that the English language doesn't put an i at the end of a word, unless it is borrowed from a different language. We usually place an e. (spelling list is below) 

    We have some upcoming events, so please don't forget to look at our flyer. I appreciate all of you as guardians. Thank you for everything you do. 

    Blessings, Mrs. Padula 

    WEEK 4 

    1. cookie

    2. magpie

    3. collie

    4. brownie

    5. pie 

    6. untie 

    7. ski

    8. safari 

    9. macaroni 

    10. Hawaii 

    11. moonlight 

    12. firefly 

    13. butterfly 

    14. slippery 

    15. splatter

    16. balloon 

    17. scribble 

    18. timpani- large drums

    19. appear- to be seen 

    20. prairie- grassland with few trees 

  • WEEK 3 Sept. 21-25

    Hello everyone. 

    Week two was amazing and i'm looking forward to another week to follow. We are praying the smoke clears up so we can enjoy some fresh air outside. I am very pleased with each student and have been observing them all to see their strengths and weaknesses. I am still missing a couple "parent homework" pages. If you do not have time to write a letter about your student, thats ok. I do need the contact information returned tho. All grades have been put in Jupiter Grades. If your student has a zero, it is because I have yet to receive the work. Any incomplete seat work from our school days is always sent home in their homework folder to complete and bring back the following school day. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. 

    It was very nice to meet the guardians that came to open house. I look forward to meeting you all at some point. Once again thank you for all that you do to help our classroom excel. 


    Mrs. Padula 

    LIST 3 

    1. Bible 

    2. parable 

    3. miracle

    4. disciple 

    5. tumble 

    6. scramble

    7. drizzle

    8. icicle

    9. eagle 

    10. sprinkle 

    11. strawberry 

    12. ladybug 

    13. milkshake 

    14. spring 

    15. summer

    16. autumn


    18. struggle- a difficult task

    19. valuable- worth much 

    20. brittle- easily broken 

  • WEEK 2 Sept. 14-18

    Hello third grade families. We had an amazing first week of school and I couldn't be more pleased with the class as a whole. I have given your student a paper titled "parent homework", if you would be so kind to complete a brief summary of your student to help benefit me as their teacher, I would be greatly appreciative. 

    This last week we started history and science and this week we will be introducing quizzes and tests. We will be completing these together as a class and my main focus is to teach your student how to find the answers in their book. 

    This Tuesday at 5:30 is open house and I would love to meet you if you're available. If not, I completely understand and look forward to when you are available. Thank you so much for all that you do to help our class excel, I truly appreciate it. Also, don't forget to check out the flyer to the right of this page. Click the link WEEK 2 Sept. 14-18th. 


    Mrs. Padula 

    List 2

    1. annoy

    2. boiling

    3. choice

    4. decoy

    5. Friday 

    6. moisture

    7. Monday

    8. rejoice

    9. Saturday

    10. soy

    11. spoil 

    12. Sunday 

    13. Thursday 

    14. toiled 

    15. Tuesday 

    16. voice 

    17. Wednesday 

  • WEEk 1 Sept. 8-11th

    Welcome third grade families. I am so excited to get to know your students and be their teacher this year. Third grade is a lot of fun. It is also the beginning of a lot of "firsts" for your student. In third grade we quiz and test in history, science and health as well as math and language. In reading we are focusing on comprehension. Understanding what we are reading is a big part of third grade. I am sure a lot of your kiddos will go home and say "third grade is tough", but I assure you, they can do it. I am so happy to walk along side them each individually and as a class. In our class we have "money". I use this as an incentive for good behavior, well test taking and Christ like attitudes. We will have class stores periodically and so far it has been a big hit for the kiddos. On this newsletter weekly you will be able to find your weekly Spelling words and any upcoming events. I also like to attach a class "flyer" to the right of this page. If you click on the current week I put details down on what we are learning, upcoming tests and any class needs. Your student will have homework. Every week I require them to write their Spelling words 3x ea. Also any un-finished class work will be sent home that day to bring back completed and turned in the following day. I do offer time in class to work on their spelling words if they haven't completed them yet, but they are due Friday mornings. Thank you so much for staying up to date with this page. I am so grateful for your prayers and support for the success of your students and the third grade class. 


    Mrs. Padula 

    Spelling List Week 1 

    1. praise

    2. braid

    3. faith

    4. airplane

    5. stairway

    6. today

    7. daydream

    8. maybe 

    9. backpack

    10. homework

    11. bookshelf

    12. notebook 

    13. lunchbox

    14. spelling

    15. August

    16. September

    17. October

    Vocabulary Words

    18. frail-weak 

    19. plain- flat land with few trees

    20. proclaim- to declare

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