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  • Week 33 Newsletter (June 20-24)

    Greetings 2nd Grade Families,                                                                                                June 20-24

    We are so close to finishing up our year, even though there are a lot of “off weeks” sprinkled in. Your students all did a fantastic job on their Science reports and we finished the week with a fun, science scavenger hunt. We have just a few weeks of curriculum left so keep encouraging your student to do their best and watch for careless mistakes. They have all made great strides in reading this year and are definitely ready for the added workload of 3rd grade. We will be doing more review in all subjects with a focus on telling time to the nearest minute in math. We will have a “Show and Tell” day on Thursday this week where students can bring in 1, school-appropriate item to show the class. It can’t be played with during daycare times.  

    Please remind your student to bring a water bottle every day and HOPEFULLY it will get to 70 degrees this week. I hope everyone has a wonderful Father’s Day and a great weekend!

    Thank You,

    Mrs. Lee




    List 32

    1. beach
    2. crab
    3. spray
    4. bucket
    5. swimsuit
    6. shovel
    7. dock
    8. sunscreen
    9. surfboard
    10. sailboat
    11. water
    12. jellyfish
    13. shark
    14. shell
    15. sky
    16. sea
    17. sand
    18. current: the movement of water
    19. island: land surrounded by water
    20. coast: the land by the sea


    Mon- write words 2x each

    Tues: read for 10+ min/study spelling words and practice telling time to the NEAREST minute

    Wed: study spelling words and read for 10+ min

    Thurs: practice any missed words and practice the 2’s-4’s mult and div facts

    Fri: no homework- enjoy your two weeks off and read for FUN!!

  • Week 32 Newsletter (June 13-17)

    Greetings 2nd Grade Families,

    Thank you for the great turnout at our Family Day event. You were all great sports in enduring the ever-changing weather and YAY, we got to perform after all the hard work your students did for the past 3 months. They did an incredible job! We have 2, full weeks of class before the next break for 4th of July week. We have a lot to review and go over during that time but we are getting close to the end of the year. 

    Our Science projects are due this Tuesday and can be brought in early if you would like. We can't wait to learn more about the planets in our solar system. Even the teacher learns new things each year. We will work a lot with A-B-C order in Language this week and continue our work with nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. Math is also a lot of review with continued focus on multiplying and dividing, along with finding change and adding money.

    Please be studying our spelling words often as we have had some pretty challenging lists. Try to think of fun ways to remember the spelling such as breaking the word in 3, easy-to-say parts or thinking of a picture to go with the vocabulary words. We have just a few tests left.

    Please let me know of any concerns or questions and have a great weekend!

    Mrs. Lee

    List 31

    1. jewelry

    2. balloon

    3. above

    4. camera

    5. classroom

    6. grew

    7. spoon

    8. brother

    9. umbrella

    10. knew

    11. jealous

    12. cousin

    13. nothing

    14. enough

    15. with

    16. want

    17. wait

    18. instant: happening quickly

    19. moist: slightly wet

    20. couple: two



    Mon: write spelling words 2x each and turn in

    Tues: study spelling words and read for 10+ min

    Wed: study spelling words and practice counting change

    Thurs: study any missed words and read for 15+ min

    Fri- no homework but read for FUN!


  • Week 31 Newsletter (June 6-10)

    Greetings 2nd Grade Families,                                                            June 6-10

    Welcome to week 31. I trust you all had a safe and refreshing Memorial Day weekend and that the students have enjoyed their week off. We once again have a week of review in math and language with a continued focus on adverbs, adjectives, rounding, and finding change due, in our math problems. This Friday is our scheduled Family Day but please be watching our Facebook page or other notices if the weather turns stormy. See notice on bulletin board for the utensils your child needs to bring. While we are hoping for sunshine, the weather is the one thing we can’t control in life.

    Hopefully the students are all working on their solar system project. Just a reminder that it is due June 14th when we will start our presentations. Please see our last newsletter or info posted outside the classroom if you have forgotten the details.

    If students had spelling words they missed from our last test, they can write them 3x each and turn in for full points on their test. I have a copy of missed words and will have them do them in class if they haven’t completed them over the break.

    As the weather gets warmer and sunnier, feel free to send sunscreen for your child if they need it. They can put it on before recess. They also need a water bottle EVERY day, especially in the heat. We enjoy our time outside whenever possible and want everyone healthy and able to participate. I have also been given bonus medals for our 5k run as part of the CDA marathon/Negative Split race that went on May 29th. Your students will all receive the same medal I received from the race, except I had to run 13.1 miles for mine lol. They are neat, Idaho-shaped medals. They deserve them for all their hard work!!!

    Please contact me with any questions regarding our project or events coming up in the future.

    Thank You,

    Mrs. Lee


    Spelling List 30

    1. prey
    2. holiday
    3. eighth
    4. weight
    5. gray
    6. Sunday
    7. away
    8. crayons
    9. playground
    10. breakable
    11. yesterday
    12. neighbor
    13. relay
    14. May
    15. they
    16. them
    17. then
    18. mayor: the leader of the city
    19. delay: to make late
    20. survey: to look over

    Homework: *****Spelling pretest is Wed and final test on Thurs due to Family Day

    Mon- write words 2x each and group them with alike special sounds if that helps

    Tues- practice spelling words and mult/div by 3’s and 4’s

    Wed- practice missed spelling words and read for 10+ min

    Thurs- read for 20 min.

    Fri- no homework but work on Science project if needed

  • Week 30 Newsletter (May 23rd-27th)

    Greetings 2nd Grade Families,        May 23-27

    We have just 7 weeks left of school and only 6 of those will include curriculum. This quarter is already flying by. This week is a lot of review in math and language with main focuses on rounding to the nearest 10 in math and identifying adverbs in language. Just a reminder of what an adverb is: a word that describes a verb or tells HOW the action happened such as quickly, rapidly, quietly, etc. We will work these adverbs all week. 

    The coming week following Memorial Day will be an off-week. Daycare only those days and  school/daycare is closed on Memorial Day to observe the holiday. Please have students continue to practice our mult/div math facts for the 0's-5's and 10's. Practice counting money if needed too. 

    Let's have a great week ahead and then our students get another break to relax and refresh. Thank you to those who have donated snacks and treasure box prizes. That is a HUGE blessing for our class, including the teacher. Please let me know of any questions or concerns as we finish this last quarter.

    Thank You,

    Mrs. Lee


    List 29

    1. mission

    2. action

    3. join

    4. destroy

    5. cowboy

    6. question

    7. appointment

    8. attention

    9. expression

    10. voice

    11. permission

    12. caution

    13. nation

    14. boil

    15. day

    16. night

    17. noon

    18. compassion: a desire to help

    19. emotion: a strong feeling

    20. avoid: to stay away from



    Mon- write spelling words 2x each, group alike words together if that makes it easier to memorize

    Tues- practice spelling words, read for 15+ min

    Wed- practice spelling words and 2's-5's mult/div

    Thurs.- practice any missed words and the 10's mult/div, read for 10+ min

    Fri- have a great weekend and a whole week off


  • Week 29 Newsletter (May 16-20)

    Greetings 2nd Grade Families,                                                                        May 16-20

    It was so great to meet with you all and share how well your student is progressing. Just 8 weeks left of 2nd grade and we plan to make the most of it. We have a full week this week but will take Friday afternoon off to go on a little fieldtrip to Kiwanis Park. Please make sure students have their lunch and a water bottle in the morning because we may leave right before lunch starts. We will play for a couple hours and return before school is finished for the day.

    As we move into this week, we will keep working with adjectives in our Language lessons and will add in the adverbs. These just tell us “how” something happened and describe the verb, such as “happily” waved, “kindly” helped, “softly” spoke, etc.  Last week I grouped our spelling words according to similar special sounds for the test and will do that again this week. Look for the “air”, “are”, “err”, and “arr”. For students who find spelling challenging, this might be a great way to study them, even when they write their homework. Order does not matter for that assignment. 

    Our math will focus on rounding to the nearest 10 in numbers, temperatures, and even money. Please continue to work on counting money with your student if they are challenged by this concept. Reviewing their multiplication and division facts is a big help too and can be done while you are driving to school or heading to the store. Every little bit helps them prepare for next year when they need to be fluent in that area.

    We have 2 full weeks of curriculum before our next “off week” which will begin with Memorial Day. Please keep encouraging your student to do their best work and finish this year strong. They have all done an amazing job this year.

    Upcoming Events:

    Wednesday (May 18th)- we will do our “fun run 5k” rain or shine (unless it is absolutely pouring). Have your student wear tennis shoes that day.

    Friday (May 20th)- Kiwanis Field Trip 11am-2

    Off week- (May 30th-June 3rd)

    Father’s Day/Mother’s Day/Family Day Brunch and program- (June 10th) 9am-11am

    Please let me know of any concerns or questions and read Mrs. Young’s principal note for more school information.

    Thank You,

    Mrs. Lee


    List 28- write 2x each and turn in

    1. arrow
    2. chair
    3. terrible
    4. square
    5. barrel
    6. share
    7. downstairs
    8. blueberry
    9. carrot
    10. hairbrush
    11. careful
    12. staircase
    13. marry
    14. dairy
    15. his
    16. hers
    17. ours
    18. aware: paying attention
    19. prepare: to get ready
    20. narrow: thin


    Mon- write spelling list 2x each (group similar sounds together for easier memorizing)

    Tues- practice rounding the numbers: 0, 4, 18, 25, 78, 83, 42, 36, 91, and 100 to the nearest 10

    Practice the 2’s, 3’s, 4’s and 5’s mult/div, read for 10+ min

    Wed- practice spelling words and 10’s mult/div

    Thurs- practice any missed words and read for 15+ min

    Fri- no homework

  • Week 28 Newsletter (May 9-13)


    Greetings 2nd Grade Families,                                                                  May 9-13

    We are beginning our last quarter this week. It’s amazing how fast the time has flown by. We will have a compact week of 3 days of curriculum and then Parent/Teacher Conferences on Thursday and Friday. Thank you all for signing up. I can’t wait to show you how well your student is progressing. It was a hard decision to reschedule our Mother’s Day Program, but we can’t control the weather. Our class is in charge of silverware and napkins for the upcoming, combined Family Day on June 10th. Praying for sunshine that day. There was a list sent home with what to bring and it is posted by our door. If it is a problem or hardship for you, please let me know and we will take care of it.

    Since this week is only 3 days, we will NOT be having a spelling test. We will still work with the list in our spelling book and please have students write the list 2x each and turn in by WEDNESDAY. Our Language lessons will continue to focus on adjectives and the articles, “a” and “an”. “A” comes before a word beginning with a consonant and “an” co