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    CALLING ALL CCA PARENTS!! :) First packets for online Abeka Academy will be ready for pick up this Wednesday, April 1 from 12pm-6pm. This will give families a few days to get logged in to the Abeka online system, work out the bugs, and prepare their virtual "classroom" :) Mrs. Young and Miss Mindy will also be available to help provide receipts for April tuition payments at that time ✏️ Looking forward to seeing everyone!! :)

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CCA distanced learning (w/ Abeka) Starts April 6th!!! online

DISTANCED LEARNING is on the way!!


In partnership with aBeka Academy (providers of our curriculum and online learning), we will be implementing a temporary distance-learning program that will keep our students on schedule with the current school year. Staring April 1st,  Stay-At-Home packets containing all the materials necessary (by individual student) for learning at home, will be made available to pick-up at the school. The official start of "classes" will be April 6th. Since this was our anticipated return date, this will flow well with teacher lessons and planning.

Please contact your teacher to get set-up with log-in information, your packet and the private Facebook learning page for each classroom!


Covid-19 [VIRUS] Update #11a *VERY IMPORTANT*

March 25th, 2020 [3:47pm] – In light of Governor Little’s emergency Stay-at-Home declaration, prohibiting all non-essential activities for 21-days, we have established the following plan moving forward. This will be split in two sections detailing both Elementary and Daycare issues.

Elementary School [K-6th Grade]

In partnership with aBeka Academy (providers of our curriculum and online learning), we will be implementing a temporary distance-learning program that will keep our students on schedule with the current school year. Within the next 24-hours, all teachers will be making Stay-At-Home packets containing all the materials necessary (by individual student) for learning at home, which we intend to start on April 6th. Since this was our anticipated return date, this will flow well with teacher lessons and planning. There are several things that we want to put in place and clarify as we implement this new process:

** COVID-19 [VIRUS] UPDATE #10 **

* * COVID-19 [VIRUS] Update #10 * * 

March 24th, 2020 [1:28pm] – The administration team met this morning to review and set our course moving forward in the midst of the Covid-19 situation. Although we have received no new information from Panhandle Health District (PHD), we wanted to inform our school family as-to the “status” of CornerStone, and our plans as we move forward - both in terms of Daycare/Preschool and the Elementary School.


** COVID-19 [VIRUS] UPDATE #9 ** (Direct from PHD)

** COVID-19 [VIRUS] UPDATE #9 ** (Direct from Panhandle Health District)

March 19th, 2020 (2:21pm) - The following letter has just been received from Idaho Panhandle Health District, regarding daycare providers in Kootenai County:

Dear Child Care Provider,

The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (IDHW) recognizes that childcare is an essential service for working families in our communities.  As we all work together to serve the people that keep us healthy, fed, safe, and cared for, IDHW is committed to sharing accurate information and guidance as it is developed.

Please see the attached letter to Idaho child care providers, as well as a list of questions we have received and their answers (FAQ’s).  

If you have questions that are not answered in the attachments, please note the last section of the FAQ’s to help you decide who may be able to assist you. Your state child care partners at IDHW, IdahoSTARS, and the Health Districts are committed to supporting you, your business, and the families you serve.

With so much gratitude for your service during this unprecedented time,

Your State Child Care Team:

Ericka Rupp- Child Care Program Manager

Aubrie Hunt- Idaho Child Care Program- Program Specialist

Marilyn Peoples- Idaho State Daycare Licensing- Program Specialist

Aubrie Hunt (McArthur)

Program Specialist- Idaho Child Care Program (ICCP)
Division of Self Reliance

Idaho Department of Health and Welfare

Desk:  208-334-5686

** COVID-19 [VIRUS] UPDATE #8 **

** COVID-19 [VIRUS] UPDATE #8 ** 

March 18th, 2020 (9:07am) - We just received the latest communication from Panhandle Health District. In terms of action-plans or adjustments to continued operations, nothing has changed in respect to our current plan and cleaning procedures. In the vast majority of information provided today (much of which was continued review of current mandates & recommendations), they continue to press advisement in terms an issue that has been asked of us: Are you taking temperatures of everyone entering the building???

The following guidelines were taken from today's update from Panhandle Health District

Require sick students and staff to stay home. Establish procedures for students and staff who are sick at school.

  • Remember that schools are not expected to screen students or staff to identify cases of COVID-19. If a community (or more specifically, a school) has cases of COVID-19, local health officials will help identify those individuals and will follow up on next steps.

While we are not "screening" student's or staff at this time, doesn't it seem absolutely prudent and responsible for everyone to self-screen prior to leaving the house or returning? We recommend you take every prudence and consideration in assessing your daily tasks. 



** COVID-19 [VIRUS] UPDATE #7 **

* * Covid-19 [VIRUS] - UPDATE #7 * *

March 17th, 2020 (11:42am) – We had a great conversation with Panhandle Health District today. We advised them that we had placed our school on an early Spring Break thereby reducing our school population significantly while being supportive of our community response. They applauded the idea of simply taking Spring Break early and our continued cleaning efforts towards protecting and limiting exposures. We advised them that we have every intention of returning in three-weeks after Spring Break, as long as we are not mandated to close (obviously).

We also advised PHD that we took a proactive measure to survey (via our files) how many parents or guardians are currently employed as first-responders, medical/healthcare professionals, critical-services, etc., and that it is imperative for us to continue to have the ability to provide childcare services for these and other families. We wanted to proactively assert the willingness of our administration and staff to continue to provide these services, regardless of the virus status going forward.



** COVID-19 [VIRUS] UPDATE #6 ** -Spring Break coming early

March 16th, 2020 (3:11pm) – We just had a phone conference with Panhandle Health District to evaluate our status of remaining open & our current cleaning/operating procedures. They agree that we should remain open and continue to adhere to our current cleaning procedures.

Post Falls School District has just announced they have decided to close all district schools until April 6th. Actions taken throughout our state last night and the most current recommendations from the CDC to limit gatherings to 50 people and has prompted further closures in our community. Similarly, President Trump has announced nationwide recommendations, including the limiting of gatherings to 10-people or less.

With these further developments, we decided to start Spring Break early for the Elementary School. Daycare will be available unless we are mandated to shut-down. DAYCARE IS AVAILABLE!


We are humbled and blessed beyond measure...BUT help


We are asking for help...

We are so blessed by our families wishing to share and help with various supplies during this time. We cannot thank-you enough! The Lord is providing!! But...PLEASE DO THIS BEFORE YOU CALL US IF YOU HAVE EXTRA SUPPLIES:

PLEASE, we ask that you check with our LOCAL SENIOR-CENTERS, ASSISTED LIVING FACILITIES, and OTHER ELDERLY CARE CENTERS FIRST. Although we do not know their supply situation, we'd be blessed if you check with them first. These are those who are in IMMEDIATE RISK/NEED and we want to help them in any way we can.

PLEASE SHARE THIS and let's help those at risk and in need!

Please share, not only this message, but your love, faith, and hope in our Good Shepherd! I've never asked for anything to go "viral" in terms of social media, but I'd sure like to see this attitude of love and sharing spread as fast as this virus has. Let's care for those who have cared for us!

Simply give these facilities a call and let them know you have extra supplies you would like to share on behalf of the Lord Jesus! If He provided for you, help provide for His others!! And look for those opportunities to share the love (and Gospel) of Jesus!

Be blessed in His care!

***COVID-19 [VIRUS] - Update #5***

At this time, we are staying open...

March 15th, 2020 [3:07pm] – We are aware of several surrounding schools in Idaho that are closing down either for the next few days (for cleaning purposes) or for the next few weeks (for “distancing” or contact tracing), in response to Covid-19.

At this time, we are continuing to plan for school and daycare without interruption. It should go without saying that because of the fluidity of the situation, this could change anytime. But at this time, we are planning to continue to stay open.

** COVID-19 [VIRUS] UPDATE #4 ** covid 19

Panhandle Health District ADVISEMENT for Child Care Facilities

March 14th, 2020 (5:29pm) - We just received the following letter from Panhandle Health District regarding recommendations for Daycare Centers in our area. As this is a continually developing situation, please stay-tuned to our website & facebook pages for updates.

Enrollment Update full

Currently, our daycare and preschool enrollment is full!

We are very humbled and blessed to be at full capacity, praise the Lord. Yet, one of the countless unfortunate affects of the Covid-19 outbreak has in-turn caused us to receive far many more inquiries than normal in terms of immediate "openings" at CornerStone.

We wanted to communicate our appreciation for those that continue to support and send others in consideration of our school...

However, as a simple proactive measure towards the Covid-19 virus, we have decided to suspend "tours" or similarly related activities. Since we have no current openings and a full waiting-list, prudence suggest we hold-off on such activities until the state of emergency has passed.

Again, until further notice, we will be suspending tours, solicitations, and similar non-essential functions at CornerStone. We appreciate your understanding and prayers!



* * COVID-19 [Virus] UPDATE #3 * *

March 13, 2020 (Friday: 5:00pm)– In light of recent school closings (public & private) in our neighboring state of Washington, we wanted to again update our families on our plan and process moving forward.

At this time, we have every intention of continuing classes and daycare without any foreseeable closure(s) due to Covid-19.

* * COVID-19 [Virus] UPDATE #2 * *

COVID-19 [Virus] Supplemental Update – VIA CORNERSTONE



To:      All CornerStone Christian Families

From:  CCA Administration

Re:      Covid-19


March 11, 2020 – Per our first update (March 9th), the administration team met at 8:00am this morning to review, evaluate, and discuss the continuing updates from Panhandle Health District regarding Covid-19. In review, the following is the current status in terms of a “school plan” moving forward.

* * COVID-19 [Virus] UPDATE * *

COVID-19 [Virus] Update

March 9, 2020 - We just received a communication from Panhandle Health District in regards to the Novel Coronavirus. At the time of this posting (5:20pm), we are reviewing the data and are planning meetings as an administrative team, as well as staffing & cleaning personnel.

We will have a summary of our administrative meeting going home with the following letter issued by Panhandle Health, on March 11th. 

Key essential reminders at this time:




The above RULES and PROCEDURES are already in place as school policies outlined specifically in our School Handbook. Because of the delicate nature of this outbreak, and in order to be considerate of others, strict enforcement will be maintained. If you have any questions, please let us know.


Donation brings new preschool sinks!!! sinks

You may not have noticed, but our preschool bathroom just got a wonderful new upgrade!

Thanks to Zane Denison and the Lowe’s Home Improvement family who donated the sinks, fixtures, and supplies, AND Zack Glasser who did an incredible job at the install…we have brand-new preschool sinks!

This is not the first time Mr. Denison, Mr. Glasser, and Lowe’s have donated graciously to our school. The school got new paint jobs in several of the classrooms (including hundreds of dollars in donated paint) from Lowe’s back in 2018. Mr. Dennison is the Store Manager at the Coeur d’Alene location.

It’s becoming routine for Mr. Glasser in donating his time, effort, and skills in helping us out. He’s completed several plumbing repairs and installations for us over the past several years. We can’t say enough about the Glasser Family and their dedication to our school. Many know that Mrs. Glasser is a volunteer that can often be seen helping out in our classrooms.

We are truly grateful for the Denison Family, the Glasser Family, Lowe’s Home Improvement, and all those who continue to pray, help, support, and donate graciously to our school.

It is giving without seeking that makes the Lord smile upon His people…

CornerStone now accepts Debit & Credit Cards square


CCA can now take debit or credit cards to help our families in accepting your daycare and tuition payments. As many are aware…although this does offer various conveniences, there are fees associated with taking these forms of payments. The fees will be added as the payment is being made.


As of 3-1-2020, the fee to accept debit or credit cards will be broken into tiers in order to help both Mindy and families in calculations as follows:

$1.00 - $100                $2.00 added to payment

$101 -  $200                $5.00 added to payment

$201 - $300                $8.00 added to payment

 $301 - above              $11.00 added to payment

Please realize these fees are averaged to get as close to the services fees charged by Square Terminal; we are simply passing these fees on We hope the ability to offer this new payment form will assist those who need such services.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns regarding this new feature.

As always, we appreciate your prayer and support of CornerStone Christian Academy!



Vote CCA as Top Childcare Provider in North Idaho for 2020!! Best of 2020

Humbly, it is every year now that we get nominated as Best Childcare Provider in North Idaho. It really is a wonderful testimony to the hard work, caring intentions, and loving provisions of Mindy and our entire daycare-preschool staff. We were selected in 2017 & 2019, and hope to be blessed with it again here in 2020. 

Please show our staff and volunteers how much we love, depend, and value their work for the Lord and for the children! The link below should get you to the page to cast your vote based on this year's finalists. [We are listed under Professional Services; Childcare Providers].




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