Mandatory Mask Law - Response


Mandatory Mask Update: With the recent passing of Kootenai County's mandatory mask law, we are asking families to be patient with us as we undertake another round of procedural and operational evaluations, and subsequent impact assessments regarding this new mandate.

At CornerStone, we have been on the forefront of making adjustments and adapting to the Covid-19 mandates so we could continue our school and daycare, all-the-while abiding by national, state, and local mandates, whether we were in agreement or not. This attitude in approach has not changed. Like many situations right now, it's not about whether we are in agreement or disagreement, but rather how can we move forward in a Christ-like attitude. Our disagreement does not, and will not, change the mandate...


Again, we have not had a chance to review the entire mandate as an administrative team, but we wanted to get a notice out as soon as we could. Again, the exclusions listed will fit some of our families, and the key portion of language is “when a person is in a public place and physical distancing of 6-feet from others cannot be maintained.”

Points to consider within that statement:

  1. We are not a “public place” rather a private school.
  2. We strive to maintain 6-feet of distancing when possible.

With the 2-year-old and younger exclusion, coupled with the “when in a public place…” language, our initial impression is that this will have little impact on our school, rather more so in specifics of dropping-off and picking up students, school events, etc.

Regardless, because of the haste in the mandate, WE DO NOT HAVE MASKS TO HAND OUT AT THE DOOR for those who are required to be wearing one. In short, if you are required to be wearing one, you should already have it on when coming or leaving CornerStone…Right???

I have sent a letter to Pandhandle Health District explaining our disappointment with the mandate, its haste with no accurate forewarning, nor time to acquire masks for those who don't have one and now are required to have one.

At this time, we again ask for compliance with all mandates regarding Covid-19, including the new mandatory mask law. We will be making further announcements and any adjustments necessary once we have the time to review the entire new law, including exclusions.

Thank you for staying supportive of our efforts…and keep a good memory of which elected officials are doing what so you have good wisdom when you vote in November!


Stay Strong in Christ Jesus!

CCA Admin Team

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