Thank-you Lord Jesus for granting us 15-years of blessing, protection, love, and hope ~ May all praise and glory be raised to You!

With the Lord's blessing, we will be celebrating our 15th year as CornerStone Christian Academy this Monday, May 8th, 2023!

We are planning lots of food, fun, and a special time of worship with Pastor Tod Hornby and Mrs. Young! Hoping to see many enjoying this time of praising and worshiping our King, Jesus Christ, as we thank Him for blessing these last 15 years!

We have countless who have helped support our school by and through prayer, financial giving, gifting of services, donation of services and facilities, volunteering, silent angle's, good testimonies, watchmen, pastoral support, caregivers, professional services, community support and a love of our children and ministry supporting them. Although there are far too many to name, the Lord knows and sees all things. He knows those who do these things seeking not their own recognition, but to further the Kingdom of God while supporting our desire to raise children in the ways and teachings of Jesus Christ...

Thank you for your prayers, trust, support and love. We are truly humbled by all these blessed years being able to serve our Lord. 


Shalom blessings,

Mr. and Mrs. Young


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