THANK-YOU for the OUTPOURING of donations & gifts!

Ukrainian refugees

As many know, Mr. and Mrs. Young are finally getting back to Israel. But this time, the ministry mission is much different. They are taking humanitarian needs to help the Ukrainian refugees that have made it to Israel.  Currently, CCA has collected 119-childrens undergarments, 110-OraJel's, 48-diaper cloths, 48-deoderants, 24-nightgowns, 60-infant pacifiers, 60-Sometimes Solomon coloring books, 20-Sometimes Solomon Readers, 50-packages of Crayons, 24-toothbrushes, and an undetermined amount of cash.

Because of the outpouring and limitations of what the Young's can take, WE CAN ONLY TAKE CASH DONATIONS NOW. PLEASE CONSIDER DROPPING OF CASH DONATIONS at the donation bucket or online at the school web-site. So far we are at 100lbs of humanitarian needs, and nearly $500 in cash!!!

Again, the Young's leave the 24th...Many many blessings for all who have donated and/or purchased coloring books! The Lord Jesus knows your deeds....!

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