Ministry to Israel NEEDS HELP!!!

Ministry to Israel

The war in Ukraine is beyond words. It continues to have devastating effects on countless lives. As each day passes, more and more Ukrainians are left homeless, without food, many injured, and thousands who have been killed. One of many resulting fallouts are the orphans, widows, and those unable to care for themselves…

Israel is one among many countries who has willingly stepped-up to accept refugees and provide aiding assistance to the Ukrainian people. One such organization is called Ministry to Israel. And with the ongoing warfare, MTI (Ministry to Israel) has quickly been depleted of life-caring essentials necessary to assist the increasing number of refugees in need.

This upcoming May 24th, Mr. and Mrs. Young are traveling to Israel and are asking for love offerings to bring to MTI. The needs range from infant care essentials (ora-jel, undergarments, etc.) to elderly care items.

You can help in 3-ways:

  1. Prayer for this mission and ministry intention!
  2. Financial donations that can be given directly to MTI. They will then purchase needed items in Israel (Donation receipts will be given by CCA for amounts over $100).
  3. Small items (ora-jel, deodorants, undergarments for infants)

Donations can be left in the main office.

Thank you for making this kind consideration and supporting our ministry efforts!

Please see John or Kim if you have any questions.



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