13-Years and still going STRONG!


13-Years and still going STRONG!

Congratulations CornerStone Christian Academy!! May 8th marks the 13th year of CornerStone Christian Academy’s calling to continue service to the Lord Jesus and His children here in Post Falls.

To anyone who has ever come through the doors, they know there is one significant blessing that has always been a part of the school – our beloved Teacher Mindy. She has served the children (and now adults with children) of CCA for over 21-years. Always caring, always understanding, always willing to do whatever is necessary, and always giving a full effort in love, Mindy has served Jesus beyond what many can put into words.

Mrs. Young has been leading CCA (including Post Falls Christian Academy) for over 22-years now. Empowered with the love of Jesus Christ, and the constant desire to be a good-and-faithful servant, she has led a countless number of children (also now adults with children) in the ways of the Lord and the ways of early childhood education. How many of you can still sing the songs of Kindergarten graduation? Those are seeds planted that yield the Fruit of the Spirit!

Our 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Lee has also served at CornerStone for these past 13-years. She too has blessed our school with a strong and consistently high level of service. From the early days of serving as a preschool teacher through the difficulty of obtaining teacher certification, Mrs. Lee has been a key dependable presence of our standards in quality Christian education and offerings.

We are grateful for the blessings of our Lord Jesus in allowing us to steward this incredibly important ministry. There are so many people (former employees, families, friends) who have supported our school with prayer, financial means, blood, sweat, and tears, that it realy is hard to give an appropriate thank-you. Know that the Lord knows your efforts!

And again, a special thank-you to Teacher Mindy, Mrs. Young, and Mrs. Lee for all your years of service to our children…you are the bestest!!!

May the Lord continue to shine His face upon us!



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