Post Falls Mayor Jacobson awards CornerStone with $1,000 Physical Fitness donation!!!


Recently, CornerStone Christian Academy was blessed with another visit by our honorable Mayor Ron Jacobson. But this visit was a little different than the traditional mayoral visits to the 5th grade classroom as done in the past. This time, Mayor Jacobson came bearing gifts!

Each year, Blue Cross holds the Mayors’ Walking Challenge whereby participants can earn money to be donated to their local schools to help improve and encourage physical fitness programs. This year, Mayor Jacobson chose CornerStone Christian Academy to receive his $1,000 award! For lack of better words…we were stunned (and elated) at the blessing Mayor Jacobson graciously donated.

In truth, this happened several weeks ago. The “delay” in reporting is really to the intention of Mayor Jacobson and Mr. Young…

Apparently, back sometime in November, Mayor Jacobson contacted Mr. Young and shared about the program and what he’d like to do with his award money. For those that truly know our mayor, they would agree that his intentions are never motivated by political gain or prideful posturing. He doesn’t seek the spotlight, nor recognition for his deeds. No, the news media wasn’t informed of his award or his desire to help our school. He just wanted to see the smiles on the children’s faces when the gift was announced, then return humbly back to work.

Mission accomplished!

When Mayor Jacobson arrived to present the award, Mr. Young shared that we had already ordered 2-portable soccer goals and a portable playground net (similar to a pickle ball or tennis ball net) to allow dozens of more activities and games for the students. And that was just the start…

We want to thank Mayor Jacobson for thinking of us and blessing us with his award this year. We truly are humbled to be granted this incredible and generous gift.

THANK-YOU Mayor Jacobson!

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