The Fall Fundraiser numbers are in and the Lord has blessed us again! Our overall sales totaled $22,260 of which after purchasing the ButterBraids and the prize pool, our anticipated fundraising efforts will net $8,933.

ButterBraid Sales                  $22,260

Cost of ButterBraids             $11,130

Cost of Prizes                        $  2,197

NET TOTAL                           $  8,933

We are so humbled by the outpouring of support from our school family and community, especially during these very difficult times. This is the second highest fundraising effort the school has had since 2008!

With such an incredible effort, we are excited to share our plans as the result:

  • Pepperball school-security/defense program ($3,200)
  • Each class (P, K-6th) allocated up to $800 for classroom improvements
    • Teaching Supplies
    • Science Equipment (microscopes, displays, models)
    • Learning Tools, guides, and equipment
    • Indoor Activities (games, puzzles, etc.)
    • Art Supplies
    • Special Needs

PEPPERBALL SCHOOL-SECURITY DEFENSE PROGRAM: At the most recent board meeting, Executive Director Young presented the Board of Directors a security enhancement proposal that was unanimously approved for immediate implementation. Unlike various parts of our security protocols, this one we can fully disclose as the system will be visible throughout various points in the building.

Within the following weeks, we will be implementing non-lethal, “pepperball” handheld defensive protection units in various designated and secured LOCK-Boxes throughout the building. Pepperball guns have been used for many years by police forces as effective, non-lethal measures to defend against and disperse riots. Only recently have these types of defensive measures been legalized to the public. This new program offering is specifically aimed to support schools, churches, and hospitals, by providing non-lethal options for protection and defense.

After much research and hands-on testing, the Administrative Team was unanimous in support of presenting this program to our Board. Each admin member was allowed to examine and test-fire one of the handheld units. These units hold 5-pepperball projectiles (much like a paintball gun), guided with a laser-light, coupled with a flashlight, fired with CO2 cartridges. The pepperball immediately disables an assailant with a substance rendering them (temporarily) blind, struggling to breath…putting them immediately to the ground. Again, non-lethal and very effective! (Please go to pepperball.com for more information)

Soon you will see 4-LOCK BOX units securely and strategically installed throughout the building. The LOCK-BOX units will have 2-3 LifeLite pepperball defense units that will be available for each teacher in the event of a lockdown or threatening situation. In such a scenario, teachers will be able to get a LifeLite pepperball unit and secure their class using our lockdown protocols and equipment. This provides each classroom with additional defensive protection beyond our other protocols. Additionally, mobile units will be available for playground supervision.

We believe this program will immediately enhance the security and safety offerings available to our staff in the event of a threatening situation. Again, we are always evaluating and seeking ways to improve our security measures and protocols.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the new enhancement program, please contact Mr. Young or any administrative team member, and we’ll be glad to explain the program further.

The pepperball security program coupled with the financial offering to each classroom is an absolute blessing to our school. Again, we are so grateful for the grace and blessings of our Lord Jesus Christ! He continues to shower us with love and protection…

Thank you CornerStone Students, Families, and Staff for knocking this one out of the park!

Well done…

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