Covid-19 UPDATE (Nov.12, 2020)



Looks like Covid-19 is rising and gaining strength as winter begins to set-in. According to the current conditions and trending, Covid-19 is spreading fast within our surrounding communities. Although we have continued our hourly cleaning and disinfecting protocols without pause, we want to again raise the importance of maintaining adherence to ALL school Covid-19 protocols and requirements. These guidelines have been established in order to provide a safe and clean learning environment for our children, students, and staff.


*These protocols HAVE NOT CHANGED*

  • All students (and individuals who are transporting students) must take

temperatures BEFORE LEAVING FOR SCHOOL. This must be done at home.

Please, in order for us to maintain the safest and cleanest environment possible,

you need to check this at home BEFORE you potentially expose the school to

COVID-19 or any other illness.

  • The Temperature monitors at the entrance are another protection device meant to help maintain a safe environment. If you have trouble with the reading – get very close to the monitor (3-4 inches), then back away slowly and it should work.
  • Any child or student showing ANY SIGNS OF ILLNESS may not be brought to CCA

(allergies are excluded, but must be communicated to Mindy or Mrs. Young prior

to returning to school). Again, we must maintain efforts towards keeping the

safest and cleanest environment possible to the benefit of all CCA Families.

  • Any child who shows ANY SIGNS OF ILLNESS while at school may be required to

be quarantined (at school) and the family called for IMMEDIATE pick-up. As

always, you are required to have contingency plans for immediate pick-up of

your child(ren) if they show signs of illness while at school.

  • Sharing of food, items, and/or personal spaces (desks, chairs, cubbies, lockers,

etc.) is not allowed.

  • Cleaning Events and schedules will continue as established, including handwashing/

sanitizing events (sneezing, coughing, use of restroom, etc.)

  • Prior to entering the building, each person will sanitize hands.

Limited access to the school (by family members) will continue to be highly encouraged, but not limited as before. Family members (especially daycare/preschool and early elementary) may resume traditional drop-off routines. Again, we encourage limited building entry (and access) to support preventive measures regarding Covid-19.

We have been blessed to have been taken to this point with little exposure, but it will take further diligence and consideration of school policies and protocols in order for us to continue to remain operationally healthy. Therefore, we wanted to again review our Covid-19 protocols and policies. Please do your best to remain considerate and adherent to these responsibilities.

Thank you!

CCA Administration


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