Within the past few days, CornerStone has been implementing new facial-recognition & temperature taking stations at the secured entrance to the school. These are precision machines that will take temperatures of each individual entering the building (children, families, and staff). The system also uses facial recognition for the purposes of allowing secured entry (unlocking the security door), as well as documenting date, time, and temperature of each individual entering the school. These are similar to units that are used at hospital entrances, airport screenings, etc.

Here’s how it works:

  1. When entering the school, each person will face the display and wait for a reading. Younger children will need to use the step-stool or be held.
  2. Simply place your face within the white outline guide on the display.
  3. A temperature reading will then be displayed.

You may need to move closer or back-away to get a measurable temperature reading.

  1. This reading will then be displayed in a colored bar at bottom showing your temperature.


IF a GREEN bar is displayed, you are cleared to enter

IF a RED bar is displayed, your temperature reading is not within acceptable limits, and you will be denied entry.


  1. Each measurement is then recorded on the school main-computer for documentation purposes.
  2. When fully implemented, our intention is that the system will be the main form of secured entry, allowing the removal of the fingerprint accessing system. Until fully operational, please continue to use the fingerprint system.

Questions and Answers

  1. Question: Why?

ANSWER: Temperature taking is one of the most effective ways in maintaining a healthy school & daycare environment, especially in light of Covid-19. Many people will “look fine” but actually may be carrying a fever, indicating an underlying illness. Having a system that will take temperatures of individuals BEFORE exposing the school to a potential illness or infectious disease is administratively prudent and protective of our intentions to stay healthy and operationally sound.


  1. Question: Explain more about this “facial-recognition” part of the system?

ANSWER: The units use next-generation technology in facial recognition for the sole purposes of allowing secured entry. It is just like your fingerprint in terms of our use. Your picture or information is not being accessed by the government or sent to any offsite data recording point. All the records and information are held on our main stand-alone computer.


  1. Question: What if am not comfortable with using the new system?

ANSWER: Please request a private meeting with administration and we will seek a solution that will not compromise the safety and security of our operational protocols.


  1. Question: Will we have to “register” like we did with the fingerprint machine?

ANSWER: Yes, each student, family member, or person-of-contact will need to be scanned and entered into the system. Each student family will be given a short registration form that will provide us with the current information to get established into the system.


  1. Do I still need to check temperatures BEFORE coming to school?

ANSWER: YES! This is still a requested mandate by Panhandle Health District. This proactive measure protects the school from bringing someone who has a fever that possibly indicates an underlying illness. The school system is added cautionary protection for our children, students, and staff.


The kiosks were purchased with Idaho Childcare Grant Funds (Phase II) intended to assist licensed daycare providers with resources to help maintain clean and safe environments for our children.

The units were provided at “wholesale” costs from HoloWRX corporation in Canada, via their executive marketing director. He wanted to help our school…and we are blessed by his help! Thank you HoloWRX!


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