CornerStone Covid-19 Response/Reopen Plan


CornerStone Christian Academy  

Covid-19 Response/Reopen Plan


April 30th, 2020 [2:00pm] [REVISED May 11th, 8:47am] – With our scheduled return to on-site learning on May 4th, it is very important we convey our plans and protocols for a safe and compliant resumption of school activities and our action plan going forward. Our plan has been officially approved by Panhandle Health District (PHD). Because of the vast amount of information, recommendations, and established guidelines, we need every family to thoroughly review and comply with all of the following:



*(Policy recommendations are language and protocols established by Panhandle Health District) 


Genera Protocols (Temperature)

  • Families are to check their children’s temperature BEFORE leaving for school.
  • Any student (or staff) with a temperature of 100-degrees must remain home.
  • Any student or family member who has shown any symptoms of ANY illness must remain at home.
    • Symptoms include (but not limited too) fever, cough, runny nose, shortness-of-breath, chills, unexplained muscle pain, headache, body aches, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, loss of color, etc.
  • Children and staff must remain isolated at home for a minimum of 72-hours with NO FEVER (WITHOUT THE USE OF ANY MEDICATION) and it has been at least 7-days since the first symptom had started. 
  • Any student, staff, or family member that has been exposed to Covid-19 must remain at home and follow Panhandle Health District authority mandates regarding reporting and isolation. They must contact their physician immediately and follow quarantine isolation directives as required. You are to notify the school and appropriate authorities as required.
  • Families are required (as mandated in the Handbook) to have plans for immediate pick-up of any child who appears or may become ill while at school.
  • Any child that shows signs and/or becomes ill while at school will be isolated in the main school office for immediate pick-up. The office will then be excluded under quarantine for immediate cleaning and disinfecting. The office will not be available until fully cleaned and disinfected. If more than one occurrence of an illness event in a single school day, the school sanctuary will be used as a secondary placement area of quarantine.
  • CCA retains primary discretion and authority in the allowance and admission of each student and staff member.


Social Distancing Strategies

  • “Striving to maintain at least 6-feet between children”
  • Daily activities and curriculum adjusting to distancing recommendations.
  • Staggered seating/desk arrangements, with all desks facing forward.
  • Limited classrooms (10-or less).
  • Limited to one student occupancy per bathroom. If bathroom is occupied, find marks on floor for waiting in 6-foot distances. No more than two student’s waiting in line. If 2-students are waiting, other students must return to class.
  • Suspension of large group activities.
  • Minimize standing in lines; staggered
  • “HIP” in the Hallways (Hands-in-pockets)
  • No item sharing; No food sharing
  • Incorporate additional outside time and open windows frequently.
  • Groups outside should be distanced from one another.
  • Playground equipment may be used since we have an enclosed playground.
  • Respiratory Etiquette (sneeze/cough in elbow, etc.)
  • Children and staff only in building.

(exceptions as necessary or emergencies)


Hand Hygiene and Behavior (Cleaning Events) – Hands & Surfaces

  1. Arrival to school and after breaks
  2. Before and after any food or drink event (snack time, etc.)
  3. Before and after restroom use
  4. Before and after any outside activity
  5. After any cough or sneeze
  6. After handling any garbage
  7. Wash hands for at least 20-seconds


Cleaning and Disinfecting (High touch surfaces)

  • Door handles, door bars, door knobs
  • Light switches
  • Entry areas
  • Desks & Chairs
  • Handrails
  • Sinks, drinking fountains
  • Bathrooms



    • Masks are recommended and encouraged (when practical) for students and staff. Again, students and staff are encouraged to wear cloth face masks when practical.
    • Students and staff should have multiple changes of clothing on hand (if clothes become “contaminated”)
    • Split days for Elementary until further notice
    • Attendance policies still apply
    • Daily distribution of cleaning solutions, per classroom, by Mindy.
    • Adherence to bleach solutions (5.25%-6.00% vs. 8.25%) mixture rates


In a situation of a positive Covid-19 case being positively identified/traced to either a student or staff member of CornerStone Christian Academy, and a short-term closure is either required or initiated, by or on behalf of CCA, we will notify all families immediately via push-text, push-email, website, and Facebook, of the need to close the school.

  • Instructions will be provided, as needed, for a proper rapid-response should closure be necessary during the school-day.
  • CCA will reinstitute a short-term closure (per CDC guidelines), followed by recommended intensive cleaning and disinfection of the school.
  • Online-distanced learning with Abeka Academy will re-commence coupled with 2-live-feed designated times for student and teacher online interaction. (as instituted at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic).
  • Distanced learning protocols will be re-implement as outlaid on March 17th, 2020, and revised accordingly via subsequent updates (CCA Covid-19 UPDATES #1-12; copies are available online and at the check-in center).
  • Distance learning will continue until CCA is cleared for re-opening and occupancy.


The administration team has reviewed and established these protocols in order to provide the safest return of our elementary students and staff.


As mentioned before, one of the contingencies to retuning is the ability to hold classrooms (gatherings) sizes to 10 or less. To conform to this guideline, our planned SPLIT-DAYS for On-site learning has been set under the following schedule.




Two sessions: 9-11:30am, 12:30-3pm


A-I last name: 9-11:30am


J-Z last name: 12:30-3pm


ON-SITE RE-ENTRY SCHOOL PROTOCOLS (“including, but not limited to”)



Cleaning and disinfection protocols:

-Teachers will follow cleaning schedule and initial when each cleaning event protocol is followed

-Books, School Supplies, Toys, and other common property are not to be shared as a group.

Plan for vulnerable staff and students:

-Strick adherence to Covid-19 guidelines

Plan for staff duties which require close contact:

-Keep a safe space between you and others

-Practice distancing within the classroom

Communication plan for informing parents and staff about updates:

-Facebook private group pages




Restroom Protocols:

-Restrooms will be cleaned every hour on the hour

Hallway/Cubby Protocols:

-“Hands-in-Pockets” while in the Hallway

Playground Protocols:

-Staggered recess/play times outside

-Playground will be divided in 4 quarters with cones to keep children grouped in smaller sizes



-Children stay in the same group all day, separate from other classes

-Large events are postponed or canceled

-Each group is in a separate room

-Wash hands every hour on the hour

-Children and staff may wear masks


-Drop off at front door

-NO EARLIER THAN 8:50am for Morning Session

-NO EARLIER THAN 12:20pm for Afternoon Session

-Only children in the building (limited to students only)

-Wash hands upon entering the building

-Those showing signs of illness will not be admitted into building

-Parents to take child’s temperature before bringing to school

Water bottles:

-Water bottles are to be keep away from others

-Not to be touched by others

-Outside surface washed every hour


-Washed every hour

-Spread out as much as possible


-Labeled with child’s name


-Individual boxes labeled with child’s name

-No sharing of pencils or coloring items

Circle Time:

-Children to sit as far away from each other as possible

-Hands to self


-Toys are not to be shared by a group

-Toys are to be sanitized after each use


-All children will wash hands before meals

-Children will get their own snack from their lunchbox


-Staggered recess/play times outside


-Nap mats are 6ft apart

-Nap mat covers are washed daily

End-of-Day Dismissal:

-Normal exit cleaning protocol


We have set all these guidelines and protocols in order to be in compliance with our county authority as outlined in Panhandle Health District’s Reopening Guidance for Schools and Reopening Guidance for Child Cares Supplemental received on 4-30-2020.


It is our utmost intention to be as caring and abiding during this challenging time. As in all circumstances, we support our families and your independence in the ultimate decision when to return. Please let us know of any questions or concerns you have regarding our plans moving forward. And as always, please continue to keep our school and our staff in your prayers. We look forward to seeing many smiles on Monday! WE MISSED YOU!!!


Many Blessings,

Mr. Young – Executive Director

Mrs. Young – Principal

Mrs. “Mindy” Campbell – Daycare Director, Manager

Mrs. Helmuth – Vice Principal

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