* * COVID-19 [Virus] UPDATE #13 * *


April 15th, 2020 [9:33am] – With the State of Idaho extending the stay-at-home order till April 30th, we now can update planning & timelines, and begin to set a path of an anticipated return back-to-school. As with all our previous communications, this is based on conditions and information that we have as of today. If stay-at-home orders continue to be extended, so will our plans for distance-learning. But, we do feel confident in our future return to school – soon!

  • At this time, we plan to return to classes (at the school) on Monday, May 4th 9am.
  • All cleaning mandates and/or other Panhandle Health District recommendations will be maintained, including school-initiated cleaning events and dropping off students at the school entrance.
  • Take-home packets will continue until we make our official return to on-site school.
  • Absences will be excused if you are uncomfortable with the anticipated return date(s). We must remain flexible during this time. Communication will be essential if you decide to remain distanced. 

We will continue to update and coordinate information and any adjustments as we get closer to our anticipated re-opening date of May 4th. Please let us know if you have any questions...

Stay Strong in Christ Jesus!

Rev. J. Young


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