March 25th, 2020 [3:47pm] – In light of Governor Little’s emergency Stay-at-Home declaration, prohibiting all non-essential activities for 21-days, we have established the following plan moving forward. This will be split in two sections detailing both Elementary and Daycare issues.

Elementary School [K-6th Grade]

In partnership with aBeka Academy (providers of our curriculum and online learning), we will be implementing a temporary distance-learning program that will keep our students on schedule with the current school year. Within the next 24-hours, all teachers will be making Stay-At-Home packets containing all the materials necessary (by individual student) for learning at home, which we intend to start on April 6th. Since this was our anticipated return date, this will flow well with teacher lessons and planning. There are several things that we want to put in place and clarify as we implement this new process:

1. Each student will have Stay-at-Home packet that will include some (or all) of the following:

  1.  Daily lesson plans/schedule
  3. Daily classwork pages
  4. Workbook pages
  5. Quizzes & Test
  6. Other necessary materials


[Text books and supplies are one-time materials]



2. Student’s will be utilizing ON-LINE learning with aBeka Online Academy (fully accredited).

3. CCA Teachers will have a scheduled “LIVE” classroom for questions, additional instruction, and interactive learning twice each day.

  •  Each grade level will have “LIVE” classroom availability (schedule to follow)
  • 1-morning time 
  • 1-afternoon time 
  • Or as scheduled in advance
  • LIVE” classroom will be available via the CornerStone Private group page for each teacher/class. They are not mandatory for attendance, rather to make our teachers accessible to the students.  Parents will need to be invited into the facebook group by the teacher to help with privacy and security.

4. Each family will be given detailed instructions INCLUDING LOG-IN information in order to access the online classes with aBeka.

5. Students will participate in the ON-LINE class by viewing the coordinating video session (by subject & lesson number). This is a recorded video of a certified teacher instructing a live class at the aBeka academy in Florida. We have used this before with much success.

6. Students will do the accompanying work as instructed either by the online teacher or by our CCA teacher. Again, the weekly plan will detail what is required.

7. Student’s will be given 1-week of work materials. Please do not ask to work beyond the current week’s schedule.

8. Teachers are able to monitor each student’s progress including the completion of each video lesson. 

9. Packets will need to be assembled for DROP-OFF each FRIDAY between 12pm-6pm (until further notice).

10. Packets for the next will be PICKED-UP as the previous week is dropped off.

11. You will only be returning materials to be graded by your teacher(s). All other materials you will keep UNTIL we return to normal classes. Remember – TEXT BOOKS MUST COME BACK when we return to normal classes. 

12. Special projects (research reports, oral reports, and other special assignments) will be suspended at the discretion of your teacher, and resume upon our return to normal classes.

13. We anticipate doing the online learning with Stay-at-Home packets until we resume classes. 

14. At this time, we anticipate returning to on-site learning on APRIL 20th. 

If/When you have any questions, please contact your teacher. The intention is to keep the students on track during this interruption to normal classes. While special requests are always welcomed, be aware that we desire to have each student on pace with the class, not working ahead, nor falling behind. We want to remain in good cohesive balance and on pace with our normal school year progressions. 


Daycare & Preschool

Although the Governor has declared the Stay-at-Home order for non-essential activity, they have declared all daycares to be EXEMPT from the order. It has been determined we are an essential service providing care for those who are also in essential services. 

There has been some confusion about having childcare for only those families who parents/guardians work in essential services, but this has been clarified that all daycare service is EXEMPT. We are including the letter (below) just received by Panhandle affirming all the procedures.

So at this time, daycare will continue without interruption. Again, please continue to observe all the restrictions and changes put in place in terms of the Covid-19 response and our policies.

As with all this information and constant change, please keep our school and our staff in your prayers. We will continue to update details and information as we move forward. Please let us know if you have any questions. 

Finally, know that WE MISS ALL YOU! We will continue on as a strong, faithful, and trusting family in the Lord Jesus. Know this…we are surely under His wing [Psalm 61:4]


Blessed beyond measure, 

Rev. J. Young

CCA Administration

Executive Director






Dear Child Care Providers,


We are writing in response to Governor Little’s statewide announcement today, declaring a “stay home order” for all of Idaho. We here at the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (IDHW) are committed to sending updates as this situation continues to evolve and change. In response to the governor’s “stay home order” we offer the following guidance:

• Childcare is an essential service. We heard from the Governor today, during questions and answers, his commitment to the critical nature of our work. Those essential businesses serving our communities can’t function without the care you provide for Idaho’s children.

• Because childcare is essential to our community, you are exempt from the restrictions in the order, you are not required to close. If you are able to safely continue caring for children, it is important that you limit group sizes as much as possible. Also, please help children practice social distancing and personal hygiene to the best of their ability.

• As a childcare provider, you already know best practices for keeping your facility healthy, safe, and clean. Your health and safety practices are more important now than ever. Please continue to follow the CDC’s guidelines and the Health District’s recommendations for cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing at your program. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/schools-childcare/index.html If you have specific questions about health and safety practices at your facility, your Health District is available to support you.

• We understand that some supplies may still be difficult to obtain. If shortages are impacting your ability to operate, please contact IdahoSTARS. They may not be able to help you obtain supplies, but we are working to understand the need, and gather resources as they become available. Also, your Health District may be able to help you make safe substitutions for certain health and safety supplies.

• If you decide to close your business, temporarily or permanently, please contact your local IdahoSTARS Child Care Resource Center to update your business status. This is especially important as essential community members use IdahoSTARS as a resource to seek childcare.


We remain committed to supporting you and the incredibly important service that you provide.

With continued gratitude,

Ericka Rupp, IDHW- Child Care Program Manager

Aubrie Hunt, IDHW- Program Specialist- Idaho Child Care Program

Marilyn Peoples, IDHW- Program Specialist- Idaho Daycare Licensing

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