** COVID-19 [VIRUS] UPDATE #10 **

March 24th, 2020 [1:28pm] – The administration team met this morning to review and set our course moving forward in the midst of the Covid-19 situation. Although we have received no new information from Panhandle Health District (PHD), we wanted to inform our school family as-to the “status” of CornerStone, and our plans as we move forward - both in terms of Daycare/Preschool and the Elementary School.

In review, we have implemented all advisories as recommended by PHD and will continue with such recourses until advised differently. We are restricting access to the school and maintaining cleaning-events in classrooms currently being used. Supply-wise, we are doing well and have no current shortages that we can foresee. This may change when we are able to resume school and approach our normal capacities, but we are monitoring well, and keeping prudent about situations.  

Before moving forward, I again want to thank our incredible staff and Mindy for their love and willingness to adapt to these difficult times and adjustments, including reduced hours of work based on lower numbers and less income for CCA. The Lord is doing mighty work through their witness and willingness during this time. He knows their hearts and their work in His service…

At this time, we plan to resume elementary (K-6th grade) school on April 6th UNLESS we are moved or mandated otherwise. Again, we are planning to resume classes on Monday, April 6th, unless we are forced to make further changes. We will notify all families if we make any adjustments to this target date. This may change, but for now, we have not been advised by PHD to do otherwise.

When we resume elementary (K-6th grade), we ask parents to continue to drop off their student(s) at the main door for hand-cleaning and approved entrance into the school. It absolutely should go without saying:

  1. NO student should be brought to school with ANY signs of illness.
  2. You should not come to school if you yourself are showing ANY signs of illness.
  3. If you or a family member have had any contact with someone having been suspected of being exposed to Covid-19 or any other contagious illness/disease, do not come to CornerStone for ANY reason. We ask that you carefully consider others and remain distanced while seeking proper care.
  4. Remain diligent in your prayers…so many things around us need prayer right now.
  5. Remain diligent in your hand-washing, eating healthy, and taking vitamins.

Should we be exposed at the school, we could be faced with 3-21 days (or more) of NO SERVICE FOR ANYONE. The loss in ability to help our families who are first-responders, healthcare givers, and such, would be devastating. Equally the financial impact to staff and the ability to resume as before could be greatly impacted, if not debilitating. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE A CHANCE AT EXPOSING US or OTHERS.

Please be reminded that continued financial support of the school and determinations to meet your financial obligations will allow us to make it through. Back in the economic crash of 2008, we had dozens of families who lost jobs and couldn’t make daycare/tuition payments. We didn’t ask anyone to leave or discontinue services because they couldn’t pay. Rather we said, “When you get your feet back underneath ya, help the school out and catch back up.” We said we were a family unto the Lord, and we would make it through as a family unto the Lord.

While others couldn’t pay…others did, and they kept the doors open. And when those who couldn’t pay before were finally able to do so again, they came back and made things whole. Each person helped when they could, and the help was returned when it was available. It’s the only way it works. We made it because the Lord blessed those who blessed us. (sound familiar?)

In sum, I ask that if possible, please do not wait till April 6th to make April 1st billing payments. This places financial hardship on the school.

We realize we may have to make further adjustments (even the possibility of further delays) in resuming our normal schedules. Again, we have so much flexibility with our year-round schedule that we plan to fully complete each grade level’s scope of curriculum by the end of the school-year calendar. We will make adjustments as necessary. This is why we are keeping the same tuition schedule. Because as things settle, the yearly tuition payment schedule will work towards the completed end as designed.

At this time, we are not planning distanced learning through on-line classroom teachings. Should this become necessary, we will provide advanced advisements, but again, we do not see this as necessary at this point. Like you, we just want to get back at it!

I truly believe that many are honestly trying to do their best during this time. Do the same…try your best to let the love of Jesus Christ guide your path…each and every day.


Be strong in the Lord Jesus,

Rev. J. Young

CCA Administration

Executive Director

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