** COVID-19 [VIRUS] UPDATE #7 **

March 17th, 2020 (11:42am) – We had a great conversation with Panhandle Health District today. We advised them that we had placed our school on an early Spring Break thereby reducing our school population significantly while being supportive of our community response. They applauded the idea of simply taking Spring Break early and our continued cleaning efforts towards protecting and limiting exposures. We advised them that we have every intention of returning in two-weeks after Spring Break, as long as we are not mandated to close (obviously).

We also advised PHD that we took a proactive measure to survey (via our files) how many parents or guardians are currently employed as first-responders, medical/healthcare professionals, critical-services, etc., and that it is imperative for us to continue to have the ability to provide childcare services for these and other families. We wanted to proactively assert the willingness of our administration and staff to continue to provide these services, regardless of the virus status going forward.

Our school-family is honored to have 2-active military service members, 3-first responders, and 21-individuals in various healthcare fields, with 32-children/students under them. Our aim is to press forward with unceasing plans of operation to allow them to continue to serve our most needy in the community. Panhandle was very supportive and appreciative of our school’s attitude and continued open lines of communication. We’re setting examples as we witness for Christ.

In review,

  • CornerStone is currently on our two-week Spring Break.
  • We are planning to resume classes on April 6th (per the school calendar)
  • Please realize, THIS MAY CHANGE.
  • We are continuing childcare services, spreading out class sizes, and continued cleanings.
  • Mrs. Young and Ms. Rika did a complete and thorough cleaning of all the cubbies (again).
  • We’ve had an outstanding response to families checking their children at the door and limiting further risk within the building.

I cannot say enough about President Trump, Vice-President Pence, Panhandle Health District, and our community in genuine attempts to make the best decisions possible. I believe they are truly trying their best.

But I am most proud of our school family and staff in your support, flexibility, adaptability, and positive attitudes as we respond to this crisis. There has been nothing but great responses and support as we continually make difficult decisions in care of our responsibilities. Like our leadership, we too are trying our best to make good and wise decisions within the will of the Lord.

Please continue to pray for our leaders and those in need during this time. This world needs to respond as Jesus taught us so long ago – with love.

As a final reminder, please continue to consider helping our senior centers, assisted living facilities, and elderly care centers with any supplies you may have available. Let’s take care of those who cared for us…


Stay strong in Christ Jesus!

Rev. J. Young

CCA Administration

Executive Director

[Rom. 8:38-39]


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