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School Safety Enhancement - Questions & Answers


QUESTION: What does it mean to have our staff “armed” and that they “may use whatever force necessary to protect our students”?

ANSWER: Understanding that part of our security protocols must remain strictly confidential, our board of directors and the administration has taken the past year to pray about, and evaluate, allowing our staff to be “armed” in protection of our school family. After a lengthy and firmly evaluated process, some members of our staff “may be armed” as an enhanced upgrade to our safety program. Our sign posting is our proactive declaration and intention to provide the utmost safety to our kids. In the past this was called “fair-warning” and it was, and continues to be, effective.  


QUESTION: What do you mean by arming staff…?

ANSWER: Again, understanding the necessity of restricting specific information, we mean by lethal and non-lethal methods. We will protect our students and staff.


QUESTION: Is there some form of “qualification” or process involved before a staff-member is allowed to be armed?

ANSWER: YES – A staff member must meet, first-and-foremost, the legal eligibility requirements as dictated by State and Federal law(s). Second, they are required to be certified by Center Target Sports under the appropriate designations, including Conceal and Carry Certification. But that is only the beginning of the approval process.


QUESTION: Is there some form of “approval” by the school or Board of Directors before a staff member is approved?

ANSWER: YES – After a staff member has completed the requirements of (1) legally being allowed to be in possession of a weapon, and (2) has completed and passed the required certification courses, they are then eligible to make a request of the Administration. The Administration team will evaluate the request based on many considerations. A unanimous vote of the Administration is required before the request moves to the Board of Directors for final approval or rejection.


QUESTION: Does this mean that parents are allowed to “conceal and carry” in the school if they hold a valid Conceal Carry Permit (CCP)?

ANSWER: NO – WEAPONS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN OUR SCHOOL. Even if you are a CCP holder, you are NEVER allowed to carry any weapon into OUR SCHOOL.


QUESTION: Are the weapons going to be exposed/visible on staff members?

ANSWER: NO – All protection measures and devices are concealed and confidential.


QUESTION: Is every staff member going to be armed?

ANSWER: NO – Only after the approval process detailed above may a staff member be allowed to be armed.


QUESTION: Are staff members going to be required to be armed?

ANSWER: NO -  It is a personal decision that requires a detailed and strict approval process.


QUESTION: Will unarmed staff have access to a weapon (like in a safe)?

ANSWER: NO – We do not have safes that the staff can access.


QUESTION: Can I find out who is armed? What if I want to know if my child is in a class with an armed teacher?

ANSWER: We will not make public declaration of which staff members have been approved or who is armed. In respect to individual concerns, you can request a meeting directly with Mr. Young to discuss allowable details that may be disclosed to individual families under non-disclosure and confidentiality (again, in the spirit of protection for our school). As the executive director, Mr. Young has been pointed as the only staff member who is under public knowledge of being armed.


QUESTION: Are there other schools in our area that have armed staff?

ANSWER: YES – Public and private schools throughout our area have protectively armed their staff. This helped provide additional research and evaluation in our considerations of this improvement.


QUESTION: Will staff members be able to answer my questions?

ANSWER: NO – Staff members are not allowed to disclose specific details regarding our school safety measures and protocols. This would compromise the safety of our school.


QUESTION: What if I have more questions about all this?

ANSWER: We ask that you direct your questions specifically to Mr. Young and he will try to lessen any concerns you may have.





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