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Welcome Back! backtoschool

Welcome Back to School!

All the classrooms have come back to life...new things all around...and everyone is ready for another great year at CornerStone Christian Academy! We are excited to welcome everyone back to school...


Teachers are set with classroom-pages and everything is updated with all the new exciting things. Please remember to review Student-Parent Handbook and Calendar for 2021-2022 (also located on our Links & Forms section) to get updated on all the procedures and polices for the upcoming year. Praying for a great season of growth with joyful response to all those around us! 



August 23rd, 2021 (7:21am)

With the rising number of Covid confirmations and our subsequent closures for cleanings, the administration team has again purposed to assess our current procedures and protocols.

We have two main points of focus in terms of this assessment and our approach: the care of our children/student families and consideration of our serving staff. As such, our evaluations have come from that priority of perspective.

Specific to CornerStone and our staff, we are at an interesting point in terms of our status and numbers. Of our current 18-staff members, we have the following breakdown:

            11 – Have had Covid-19

              4 – Have been vaccinated

              3 – Have not been vaccinated, nor contracted Covid-19

From this standpoint, in terms of staffing, any further impacts on CCA employees should be minimal. This should allow us to maintain good staffing as we approach the new school-year.

But, in spite of “immunizations” and such, Covid and other contagions will continue to impact our daily lives. Regardless of all efforts to maintain a safe and clean facility, we understand there are some things we simply cannot control.


2021-2022 Academic YEAR-ROUND Calendar [Landscape] 2021 2022 academic calendar

Here is the new 2020-2021 Academic Calendar Landscape VERSION...


The new 2020-2021 Handbook & Calendar is now available (ONLINE)...! It can be found under the Forms and Links Header at the top of the home web-page. 

Here is the link...


The hardcopy versions are also available in the main school office.

A new BLUE ocean in the PreSchool playground...??? blue ocean

Is it a new Blue ocean...a new Blue carpet???

Old Mr. Young installed a new rubber-tile playground safety-surface on the preschool playground this week...and the children think it looks like a "Blue ocean" or blue carpet!!! 

The NEW playground rubber tiles are 2" thick, water permeable (so it will drain well), and meant to provide an ultra safe surface for children. We will need to do our best in caring for the new surface as the tiles are very expensive and are extremely difficult to replace

We are very blessed by the Lord's providence! May we all share our thanks and praise to Jesus for continuing to shine His face upon our school, our families, and our staff! And let's enjoy our new little blue ocean!

Thank you Lord Jesus...!

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