Early Childhood Education (Preschool)


Preschool Registration Process

How Do I Register My Child?

  1. Tour the facility and make sure CCA is the right fit for your family.
  2. Complete the following paperwork with the school office:
    1. Childcare Sage registration
    2. CCA Registration form
    3. Emergency card
  3. Submit a required copy of your child’s shot records (or complete exemption form)
  4. Submit a copy of your child’s birth certificate
  5. Pay any registration costs/fees
  6. Determine your first date of attendance

Late Fees

A Late fee of $20 will be assessed if current billing is not paid in full by the fifth of each month. Past Due accounts are also subject to interest fees based on past due balances. Accounts are past due if the entire account is not paid by the fifth of each month.

Late Pick-Up

CCA will charge $1.00 per minute (first occurrence), per child, for any time after the required pick-up time of 6:00pm. A phone call is required if there will be a late pick-up. CCA requires a contingency plan in place for such unseen scheduling difficulties. CCA will charge $2.00 per minute (second offence). Upon the third offense, CCA reserves the right to discontinue further services.

Returned Checks

All returned checks (NSF, account closure, etc.) are contractually handled by a collection service. CCA has no ability to handle a returned check. Due to financial penalties imposed upon CCA, all returned checks are subject to a $25 fee placed upon the student’s account, notwithstanding and separate of all other collection fees that may be imposed by any collection service.

How Do I Pay My Bill?

A statement will be given to you at the beginning of each month.  Please pay your statement in full by placing a payment in the school office drop-box.  Electronic payments can also be arranged through your bank.  Please see the preschool supervisor for specific billing questions or needs.

Daily Check-In Procedures

At registration you will complete a Childcare Sage packet with a secure, personal identification number.  This is the number you enter into the computer each time your child is dropped off or picked up from CCA.  The computer is located at the front entrance of the school. 

What Items Does My Child Need?

Your child will need the following items; varies by season:

  1. Everyday items: Lunchbox with child’s name, coat, blanket, pillow (if napping), change of clothing, plus the following items by season
  2. Fall: Heavier jacket
  3. Winter: Winter coat that zips, snow pants, winter gloves, hood/hat, snow boots
  4. Spring: Jacket
  5. Summer: Light jacket, swimming suit, towel, bag for wet clothes

Are There School Supplies?

Yes, the school supply list is located in the school office.  School supplies vary by grade and class.  Please see your child’s teacher for specific classroom needs.

Preschool Procedures

Child:Teacher Ratios

CCA adheres to the requirements of Panhandle Health and the Idaho Stars requirements for child:teacher ratios:

            Childcare Ratio Calculator:

                        Toddler: 24 months to 35 months                   1.5 points

                        Small: 35 months to 5 years                            1.0 points

                        Youth: 5.01 years to less than 13 years          0.5 points

One child care staff is provided for every twelve points according to the childcare ratio calculator.

Preschool Curriculum

CCA used the ABeka curriculum out of Pensacola Christian College.  The daily curriculum includes mastering the alphabet and numbers as well as correctly writing first name.  Additional subjects are integrated throughout the week and include: Social Studies, science, health, music, and art.  High quality curriculum such as this combats at-risk students in later years (Cunningham, 2010, p. 501).

Learning Time Activities

Learning Time is from 11:00-11:30am daily.  This is a time for children to learn shapes, colors, numbers, ABCs, opposites, months, days of the week, and seasons.  Character development is also included in the learning time activities.

Classroom Rules

  1. Listen carefully.
  2. Follow directions.
  3. Respect others.
  4. Respect school and personal property.
  5. Work and play safely.
  6. Try your best.

Rewards and Consequences

The children that choose to follow class and school rules will celebrate throughout the week.  The classroom rewards include such things as warm fuzzy notes sent home, learning games, class field trips, class parties, and class movies.  CCA believes in rewarding positive behavior whenever possible. 


  1. Warning/Re-direction
  2. Child loses privilege or is removed from activity (Time Out)
  3. Sent to preschool supervisor and/or principal
  4. Parent contacted for pick-up of child

Newsletters and Daily Papers

A weekly newsletter will be sent home with each child on the first day of the week describing the week’s activities.  Here is a list of a few items you will find on the newsletter: Weekly activities/concepts, important dates, weekly Bible verse, upcoming events, and notes to parents.  Electronic copies of the newsletters are available upon request.

Field Trips

CCA will periodically take children off campus for field trips.  Preschool and Pre-K children will go to Carver Farms in the fall to pick pumpkins.  Several park field trips will also occur in the spring and summer. 


A small homework assignment will be given daily, Monday through Thursday.  Please have your child return homework the following day to ensure learning progress and to help encourage individual responsibility.  There will be no homework given over the weekend.  Homework is collected daily and every five homework papers equals a trip to the treasure box.

Exercise and Recess

We will have recess and PE every day.  Please prepare your child with appropriate outside shoes and clothing for activities outside.  If your child has a condition limiting outside activities, please notify the teachers.

Daily Schedules

            Preschool Schedule:

                        9-9:30am                     Bible/Song Time

                        9:30-9:50am                Seatwork

                        9:50-10:00am              Stations

                        10-10:15am                 Snack

                        10:15-10:45am            Recess

                        10:45-11am                 Stations

                        11-11:30am                 Learning Time

                        11:30-12pm                 Lunch Time

                        12-12:30pm                 Quiet Time/Recess

                        12:30-2:30pm              Nap Time

                        2:30-6pm                     Structured Free Time

            Pre-K Schedule:

                        9-9:30am                     Bible/Song Time

                        9:30-10:15am              Seatwork

                        10:15-10:30am            Story Time/Snack

                        10:30-10:50am            Recess/Game Time

                        10:50-11:30am            Learning Time

                        11:30-12pm                 Lunch

                        12-12:30pm                 Recess

                        12:30-1pm                   Structured Free Play

                        1-2pm                          Craft/Coloring

                        2-2:30pm                     Free Play

                        2:30-3pm                     Snack/Story Time

                        3-6pm                          Structured Free Play/Recess  

Specific curriculum activities are defined below:

  1. Introduction to Day: pledges, attendance, daily bulletin, Bible verse
  2. Bible Time: Daily Bible lessons from both the Old and New Testament
  3. Seatwork/Instruction: one-on-one instruction in writing, phonics, language, math, social studies, health, science
  4. Snack: group snack; preferably healthy carbohydrates like crackers, pretzels, etc.
  5. Social Development: games, free time, art, fine motor development, etc.
  6. Educational Games: flashcards, rhyming games, counting games
  7. Gross Motor Development: physical education and games (outside weather permitting)
  8. Clean Up/Class Chores: prepare for transition periods and teach responsibility of self

Nap Time Procedures

Nap time is required for children ages two and three, as needed for four-year-olds.  Children eat lunch, get blankets, and look at a book or go outside.  Diapers are changed or the restroom is used; we play soft music and rub the children’s backs from 12:30-2:30.  When children awake, they use the restroom and eat snack while teachers sanitize mats. 

Diapers and Potty Training

Diapers are checked at 8am, 10am, 12pm, 2:30pm, 4pm, and 5:45pm.  Parents provide diapers and wipes, as well as a change of clothes.  We help in potty training (pull-ups are most helpful when training).

Penguin Buddies

Each class is assigned special Penguin Buddies.  These Penguin Buddies spend time together throughout the school year.  The preschool class is assigned to the fifth and sixth grade students and the Pre-K class is assigned to the second grade students.

Children with Special Needs & Diverse Learners

Every opportunity is provided for children with special needs.  We work with local professionals in helping provide the best care available.  If you have a diverse learner or child with special needs, please see the school principal to create a plan that fully develops your child’s love of learning.

Parent Involvement

If you would like to become actively involved in your child’s education, you may do this in two key ways:

Home: Assisting with daily homework and reading to your child outside of school

In class: Volunteering in the classroom

Meeting with the Teacher

It is important to have healthy communication between teachers and parents (Radic-Hozo, 2014, p. 344).  If you wish to a teacher for any reason or to discuss your child’s learning progress, please do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with our preschool supervisor.  This way I will be able to give you my full attention.  Your concerns and your input are very important.

Staff Professional Development – Idaho Stars

Each staff member at CCA completes eight hours of professional development training every two years through Idaho Stars.  For more information on courses taken, see www.idahostars.org. Each preschool/daycare staff member is also CPR/First Aid certified. 

CCA Kindergarten Program

CCA offers a wonderful kindergarten program.  Mrs. Young has been teaching for over seventeen years and holds the following degrees and certificates:

  • Idaho Teaching Certificate
  • Masters in Educational Administration
  • Masters in Teaching and Learning Early Childhood
  • Licensed minister with the Evangelical Church Alliance

Our kindergarten students typically score three grades above public school state assessments and leave the classroom in love with Jesus.  To schedule a tour of our kindergarten program, please contact Mrs. Young in the school office.