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We are full for 2020-2021...! full

It's what you could call "good news" and "bad news"....

We are FULL for this coming school year 20-21!

The Lord continues to grow us! We are very humbled to be at full capacity for the 2020-2021 upcoming school-year. We have filled ALL classes in elementary K-6th, ALL preschool, and ALL daycare spaces. It is a blessing, but somewhat difficult, not to have more room and openings though. We believe the Lord has shown us favor in our efforts to continue our educational and ministry offerings, and now we are ready to embrace another year...!

Yes, we will have school in fall ( fact, where in school now finishing this year!) 

Yes, we have plans (as we did this year) for Covid-19 issues.

  • Yes, we can operate in full-shutdown (closure) with distance learning & teacher packets (like this year). 
  • Yes, we can operate in limited groupings of 10-or less with our split day schedule (as we did this year; also now a plan used by many other private schools in the state), if we are placed into limited restrictions.
  • Yes, we can operate in strict protocols if we get exposed or brought into a potential exposure situation of Covid-19 (as we successfully did with the few such instances we encountered)


Mandatory Mask Law - Response mask

Mandatory Mask Update: With the recent passing of Kootenai County's mandatory mask law, we are asking families to be patient with us as we undertake another round of procedural and operational evaluations, and subsequent impact assessments regarding this new mandate.

At CornerStone, we have been on the forefront of making adjustments and adapting to the Covid-19 mandates so we could continue our school and daycare, all-the-while abiding by national, state, and local mandates, whether we were in agreement or not. This attitude in approach has not changed. Like many situations right now, it's not about whether we are in agreement or disagreement, but rather how can we move forward in a Christ-like attitude. Our disagreement does not, and will not, change the mandate...



2020-2021 Academic YEAR-ROUND Calendar [Landscape] ANNOUNCED! 2020-2021 calendar landscape

Here is the new 2020-2021 Academic Calendar Landscape VERSION...

The new 2020-2021 Handbook & Calendar is now available (ONLINE)...! It can be found under the Forms and Links Header at the top of the home web-page. 

Here is the link...

The hardcopy versions will be available no later than August 1st.

2020-2021 Handbook & Calendar (PDF) *Now Available ONLINE* dove

The new 2020-2021 Handbook & Calendar is now available (ONLINE)...! It can be found under the Forms and Links Header at the top of the home web-page. 

Here is the link...

The hardcopy versions will be available no later than August 1st.

Daycare Rates Revised (Effective 9-1-2020)


July 6, 2020

Dear CCA Families,

After much prayer and consideration, and in light of the recent and lingering consequences of Covid-19 (including the resulting impacts), CornerStone Christian Academy will be undertaking new rates for daycare services. With heightened cleaning and disinfecting protocols, we have no alternative other than raise rates to fund the increasing costs of operating. As we all know, the intensified cleaning efforts come with many costs beyond the cleaning supplies themselves (i.e. time, labor, resources). We are hopeful in your support and understanding in this difficult decision.


  • This new rate increase will go into effect September 1st, 2020.
  • Daycare services will increase $25.00 per-month, per student.

It has been the blessing of the Lord and the efforts of Mindy and Mrs. Young that have allowed our rates to remain unchanged for over 2-years now. We know that an increase can bring burdens, yet we trust our families to understand the need in light of Covid-19 and our efforts to provide the safest environment possible, especially as we continue to move forward.

We appreciate the prayers, support, and understanding as we undertake these new challenges. Please let us know if you have any questions moving forward.

Thank-you again for blessing us with the care of your child…


CCA Admin Team








UPDATED Covid-19 Guidance for Schools - Panhandle Health District

UPDATED Covid-19 Guidance for Schools - Panhandle Health District

6-25-2020 (6:32am) – Recently, Panhandle Health District (PHD) put out current summary instructions titled Covid-19 Guidance for Schools, communicating the latest recommendations regarding Covid-19. We have included a link to the entire 12-page version at the end of this communication. In their own words, “This guidance uses the most up-to-date information available from the CDC and emerging best practices, thus subject to change.”

We have again reviewed the materials from PHD and have determined our plan of operation (i.e. Response Plan) is in agreement.

Yesterday (June 24th), we were notified by a family that over the past weekend, they were in contact with a family friend (who is also a nurse) who had just tested positive for Covid-19, Wednesday morning. Their friend showed symptoms that prompted an immediate rapid testing (because she is a nurse). Because our family notified us straightaway, we were able to immediately quarantined the two students who were at the weekend event and begin our cleaning and disinfection protocols. We evacuated their specific classrooms, opened windows, and initiated deep cleaning and disinfection of those classrooms, all common surfaces, and the bathrooms.

CornerStone Christian Ministries welcomes NEW Board Member... Zane Denison! Zane


We are excited to announce that at the most recent board meeting of CornerStone Christian Ministries, the Board of Directors unanimously approved Zane Denison as the newest addition to our Board! Mr. Denison has been a strong supporter of our school & community, and we feel very blessed to have him fill this important position.

CornerStone Covid-19 Response/Reopen Plan covid-19

CornerStone Christian Academy  

Covid-19 Response/Reopen Plan


April 30th, 2020 [2:00pm] [REVISED May 11th, 8:47am] – With our scheduled return to on-site learning on May 4th, it is very important we convey our plans and protocols for a safe and compliant resumption of school activities and our action plan going forward. Our plan has been officially approved by Panhandle Health District (PHD). Because of the vast amount of information, recommendations, and established guidelines, we need every family to thoroughly review and comply with all of the following: