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The 24-Hour Stomach Flu is going around... stomach flu

Dear CornerStone Families, please realize the stomach bug is going around. It appears to be a 24-hour illness characterized mainly by upset stomach and vomiting. And unfortunately, the onset is very quick. (Please consider your teachers in this regard!)


 (unchanged since the onset of Covid-19).

  • If your child is complaining of stomach pain, please keep them home! This stomach bug appears to hit fast. But again, it only seems to be for 24-hours.
  • You cannot bring a sick child to school!
  •  You are REQUIRED to check your child(ren)s temperature BEFORE you come to school!
  • ANY abnormal temperature means your child(ren) MUST STAY HOME.
  • Remember good and prudent hygiene….WASH YOUR HAND REGULARLY!!!

We greatly appreciate the coordinated and cooperative efforts of all our families in compliance with our mandatory sick policy (as approved by Panhandle Health District). We pray for the continued health (spiritual, physical, and mental) of all our children and families. Thank you for your prayers of support and love for each other!


13-Years and still going STRONG! 13

Congratulations CornerStone Christian Academy!!

May 8th marks the 13th year of CornerStone Christian Academy’s calling to continue service to the Lord Jesus and His children here in Post Falls.

To anyone who has ever come through the doors, they know there is one significant blessing that has always been a part of the school – our beloved Teacher Mindy. She has served the children (and now adults with children) of CCA for over 21-years. Always caring, always understanding, always willing to do whatever is necessary, and always giving a full effort in love, Mindy has served Jesus beyond what many can put into words.

Mrs. Young has been leading CCA (including Post Falls Christian Academy) for over 22-years now. Empowered with the love of Jesus Christ, and the constant desire to be a good-and-faithful servant, she has led a countless number of children (also now adults with children) in the ways of the Lord and the ways of early childhood education. How many of you can still sing the songs of Kindergarten graduation? Those are seeds planted that yield the Fruit of the Spirit!


Donation blesses CornerStone Christian Academy (and our playground)!!! red table

NEW Playground Tables!

We are blessed to receive any and all donations...yet we are especially blessed when we get to share how we used those donations and the smiles they bring to those who give!

We also know the smile it brings to our Lord Jesus Christ when people give in hopes of helping the children! Praise the Lord for His ways are good (Psalm 25:7)!

Again, we want to thank those who graciously give to our school...May the Lord bless you in return.

Thank you Z. Denison Family for the NEW TABLES!!!


CCA School Apparel ONLINE-STORE hat

Check out all our NEW items & apparel at

You can choose from many different styles, color combinations, sizes, and customizations for T-shirts, long sleeves, sweatshirts, and hats. Pretty cool stuff!!!

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Post Falls Mayor Jacobson awards CornerStone with $1,000 Physical Fitness donation!!! goal

CONGRATULATIONS CornerStone Christian Academy!!!

Recently, CornerStone Christian Academy was blessed with another visit by our honorable Mayor Ron Jacobson. But this visit was a little different than the traditional mayoral visits to the 5th grade classroom as done in the past. This time, Mayor Jacobson came bearing gifts!

Each year, Blue Cross holds the Mayors’ Walking Challenge whereby participants can earn money to be donated to their local schools to help improve and encourage physical fitness programs. This year, Mayor Jacobson chose CornerStone Christian Academy to receive his $1,000 award! For lack of better words…we were stunned (and elated) at the blessing Mayor Jacobson graciously donated.

In truth, this happened several weeks ago. The “delay” in reporting is really to the intention of Mayor Jacobson and Mr. Young…

2020-2021 Academic YEAR-ROUND Calendar [Landscape] ANNOUNCED! 2020-2021 calendar landscape

Here is the new 2020-2021 Academic Calendar Landscape VERSION...

The new 2020-2021 Handbook & Calendar is now available (ONLINE)...! It can be found under the Forms and Links Header at the top of the home web-page. 

Here is the link...

The hardcopy versions will be available no later than August 1st.