Qahal-Gathering Bulletins

Qahal - May 13th, 2018
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Our Gathering Purpose

The Spirit drew us together while overlooking the Galilee of Israel.

He annointed our gathering there and now we seek it here. We know it wasn’t the location that made our time special…

It was Jesus and our desire to love Him through true worship


We engage in worship and read the Word with intention towards our belief of the early church structure set by Jesus


His desire for our continued edification through fellowship, teaching, and dialog - we gather in His name!


The Lord Jesus Christ is the Head of our Church!

 we are to be the called-out ones


STARTING June 1st, Moving to 9am


Our General Schedule:

10-15-minutes (Prayer), 10-15-minutes (Worship)

10-15-minutes (Scripture), 5-10 minutes (Teaching)



Rev. John Young - servant pastor              

Rev. Kimberly Young - servant pastor of worship

Gathering: Sundays (8:00am – 8:50am)


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 קָהָל - Qahal