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The Fall Fundraiser numbers are in and the Lord has blessed us again! Our overall sales totaled $22,260 of which after purchasing the ButterBraids and the prize pool, our anticipated fundraising efforts will net $8,933.

ButterBraid Sales                  $22,260

Cost of ButterBraids             $11,130

Cost of Prizes                        $  2,197

NET TOTAL                           $  8,933

We are so humbled by the outpouring of support from our school family and community, especially during these very difficult times. This is the second highest fundraising effort the school has had since 2008!

With such an incredible effort, we are excited to share our plans as the result:

  • Pepperball school-security/defense program ($3,200)
  • Each class allocated up to $800 (classroom improvements)
    • Teaching Supplies
    • Science Equipment
    • Learning Tools
    • Indoor Activities
    • Art Supplies
    • Special Needs
** EAGLE CRUISE is CANCELLED for 2020** eagle

Welcome back CCA! We hope that you enjoyed time spent with loved ones, if you were able, and some good food for Thanksgiving. You all are a part of what our school is especially thankful for! 

December 4th, we planned to take 3rd-6th grade students and family members on our annual Eagle Cruise. Unfortunately, we’ve had to cancel. We know that this is a field trip that so many look forward to, and the decision wasn’t made lightly. With restrictions on the number of passengers and mandates in full effect due to Idaho rolling back into Stage 2 of the reopening plan, we were faced with limiting the number of students and family members able to go. After discussing it with the administrative team, we felt it was best to forgo the cruise this year, but plan another “fun day” for 3rd-6th graders when the time is right. 

Since many have paid the fee for the cruise in advance, either a refund or credit on your student account will be made as soon as you advise us how you would like it handled. Again, we can provide a cash refund or place a credit on your account. Simply let your teacher know which method you would prefer.

As an alternative, you can also donate your fee back to the school, to which we be splitting 100% of the refunds between Shalom Ministries in Spokane and the Kootenai Humane Society in Hayden.

Thank you for your constant support and understanding as we continue to navigate another Covid-19 related adjustment. 

We know this has been challenge, but like with all things, we are able to overcome when we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus. 


Mrs. Helmuth

Vice Principal 

CCA Administration

Covid-19 UPDATE (Nov.12, 2020) covid

Looks like Covid-19 is rising and gaining strength as winter begins to set-in. According to the current conditions and trending, Covid-19 is spreading fast within our surrounding communities. Although we have continued our hourly cleaning and disinfecting protocols without pause, we want to again raise the importance of maintaining adherence to ALL school Covid-19 protocols and requirements. These guidelines have been established in order to provide a safe and clean learning environment for our children, students, and staff.


*These protocols HAVE NOT CHANGED*

  • Any child or student showing ANY SIGNS OF ILLNESS may not be brought to CCA

(allergies are excluded, but must be communicated to Mindy or Mrs. Young prior

to returning to school). Again, we must maintain efforts towards keeping the

safest and cleanest environment possible to the benefit of all CCA Families.

  • Any child who shows ANY SIGNS OF ILLNESS while at school may be required to

be quarantined (at school) and the family called for IMMEDIATE pick-up. As

always, you are required to have contingency plans for immediate pick-up of

your child(ren) if they show signs of illness while at school.

  • Prior to entering the building, each person will sanitize hands.



Christmas Program *CHANGE* changeofplans


After much consideration, we have decided to change our traditional Christmas Program gathering plans due to the continued concerns of Covid-19 and its impact on our communities. At the core, we have much love and appreciation for Pastor Tim, Pastor John, and the entire family at The Altar church, and the years of opening their doors to our school program. As Covid-19 seemingly continues to spread, we do not want CornerStone to be a potential originator/contributor should there be exposures at their facility due to our program presentation.

We are currently working on alternative and creative ways to still honor and glorify our Lord Jesus while holding to our traditional desires to put on a presentation for our families. We will be updating the changes soon via the school’s Website, Text, Newsletters, Facebook.

Thank you for your prayers and understanding.

Mr. and Mrs. Young


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