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Vandals hit CornerStone Christian Academy Bus safaace

Like many others, every once-and-awhile our school gets hit with the unfortunate crime of vandalism...and this time, the bus took the damage. Someone in need decided to cut-off part of the bus exhaust system and other related components. Oddly enough, it would have taken some time and it would have been loud with the sawing. It probably just went unnoticed...

Over the years stewarding the school, we've seen thefts of our lawn mower battery(s), gas from the bus and van, clipped gas lines, nasty notes left on the front door (although we know who did those), and other similar blessings. 

In the end, although there is a hardship and outfall from the damages, I always hope and pray that whoever committed the acts, benefited somehow in meeting their needs. I kinda wish they'd come to the door and say, "Hey, can you help out with a catalytic converter?" instead of just stealing it. At least it wouldn't be a sin...and we'd surely find a way to help. Ok, I may be reaching, but it is a hope (and truthful hope at that). Please, if you know those in need, let us know and we'll rally to help in anyway we can!

Remember, it's the responses to what is put in front of us that the Lord watches carefully!

Blessings to all today!

Pastor John

CornerStone Christian Ministries welcomes NEW Board Member... Dr. Scott Elliott, D.C.! dr e

Once again, it is with much privilege and blessing that we announce the newest member of our Board of Directors, Dr. Scott Elliott. The Lord continues to bring strong and willing individuals of wise and quality calibers to serve and bring added value to our school board. Herein is another example of His grace and blessing upon our school!

Dr. Elliot currently serves our surrounding community at River City Chiropractic here in Post Falls (which we highly recommend). His heart and compassion to help others carries the full joy of the Lord and bears witness through his ever-present smile.

Again, we are blessed by his willingness to serve on the CCA Board of Directors. Congratulations Dr. Elliott! Thank-you for helping our school...

“Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people…” - Eph. 6:7

Our New Vice-Principal - Mrs. Jordan Helmuth! vp

It is with great privilege and blessing that we formally announce our new Vice-Principal, Mrs. Jordan Helmuth! We have been fortunate to have Mrs. Helmuth not only as our middle school teacher, but serving as acting Vice-Principal for a majority of the past school year. The Board of Directors gave unanimous approval in the most recent meeting for her promotion to this position and we are excited to finally make the formal announcement.


CCA's School Plan for Covid-19...??? plans

CornerStone Christian Academy –

Summary of Covid-19 Response Plan


Background: As many schools are preparing to return to classes soon, several “plans” have been made available that detail their guidelines based on certain criteria in regards to Covid-19. These plans have various levels, color codes, terminology, etc., that outlay various conditions that impact and affect their status of operation(s). As such, we wanted to revisit our “plan” in review as we close down one year and get ready for another.

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