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ConerStone Christian Academy goes to 501(c)(3) non-profit status!

CornerStone Christian Academy is now a 501(c)(3) non-profit!

We are excited to announce that after much time and effort, CornerStone Christian Academy is now a non-profit organization called CornerStone Christian Ministries! Here are some key highlights to the change:

  • We have many new fundraising opportunities for our school by way of tax-deductible donations -including the establishment of a BUILDING FUND! (explained in detail later-on).
  • We will retain our identity as CornerStone Christian Academy, but operate as CornerStone Christian Ministries. We can take payments either way for tuition and daycare, but ALL DONATIONS MUST BE MADE DIRECTLY TO CORNERSTONE CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES. Tuition and Daycare payments are not tax deductible because services are being provided.
  • We have a Board of Directors that now oversees our school operations. Although our Administrative Team is unchanged, we are now accountable to the Board of Directors. We have an outstanding group of professionals serving as directors as you will soon come to discover! (a short summary of each Director is available thru the Board of Directors Link)
  • Our non-profit status will provide much needed tax relief, which will free up funds for other school needs!

There are many further advantages to our new status change and were looking forward to operating under the Lord’s guidance in this new undertaking.

Welcome to our new Site

Welcome to our new website. 

Please continue to check back as we will be updating the website with new information. 


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