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2015 Fall Fundraiser UPDATE

2015 Fall Fundraiser – Purchases

We want to thank all our families for your outstanding efforts during our 2015 Fall Fundraiser event. Although the final numbers are still not available, your efforts have allowed us to make the following purchases to help improve our school:

4 – Vizio 40” LCD SMART TV’s (Preschool, Adv. Preschool, Kindergarten, 5th)

4 – TV Swivel Wall Mounts

24- Plastic Form Commercial Sleeping Cots (Preschool)

3 – Workstation Tables (Kindergarten)

1- Doorway Handheld Monitor

2- Lrg Tubes Lego Toys (Girls & Boys; Preschool & Adv. Preschool)

1- Ozone Clean-air Unit (Preschool Bathroom)

and Preschool Bathroom repairs

May the Lord Jesus continue to grace our school with His blessings of love, protection, and providence. Well-done CornerStone Family...! Grace and Peace - Pastor john

CCA's Penguin Outpost...Coming Soon!
So what is the Penguin Outpost???

We are setting up shop...and just in time for Christmas!

CornerStone Christian Academy is setting up an OUTPOST (i.e. store) where you can get all your favorite CCA shirts, sweatshirts, hats, caps, and many other items to show your support of CornerStone Christian Academy and CornerStone Christian Ministries (and look really-really GOOD)!

Along with regular store items, we will have a community for-sale section where CornerStone Families may fully donate or make partial donation of items that the school may post for sale (no clothing or smaller items). Athough we're still developing the structure, we anticipate offering a page where for-sale items can be posted and deals can be made!

Stay tuned as we hope to open shop by December 1st!

All workings within the Outpost will fall in-line with our 501(c)(3) non-profit tax exempt status.

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