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CornerStone Christian Ministries (CornerStone Christian Academy) has added a new DONATE "button" on our web-site to provide easy access for those wishing to bless our school with donations at anytime throughout the year...

Go ahead and try it!
(its at the top of the page)

As a 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit organization, you can donate to CornerStone and have your contribution fully tax deductible! You can designate your donation to the following programs if you choose:

(1) the "general fund" which used for normal operating expenses,

(2) the "gifts-for-grants" program which provides financial assistance to families with emergency financial needs,

(3) the "building-fund" which is directed towards our future expansion project.

If you do not designate a program, your gift will be placed in the general-fund for normal school expenses. As stewards of the Lord's school and children, we are humbled and blessed by all donations given in the name of Jesus Christ for the support of our educational ministry.

In Christ's service,
Pastor john and Kim


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