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The security door is installed...and the system is live!

The new finger-print security access system is fully installed and functioning. Once placed into the system, authorized individuals will be allowed access with a successful finger-print verification scan. We won't post all the details here, but please see John, Kim, or Mindy with any questions OR to complete your registration. You will need a special access code unique to your account before you can register. 

*Finger-Print & Security System Registrations*

Please see John, Kim, or Mindy to obtain your unique registration number in order to be verified into our new security access system. Once you have been registered into the new system, we will walk you through the finger-print verification process.



Almost Done...!!!

We are excited that things are coming together and on target for the opening of next year! We wanted to give an update of where we are at, and how we've done so far...

  • Swing-set is installed and the gravel is done!
  • Security Improvement (Front Entrance)
    • New biometric-computer SHIPPED (est. delivery 8/1)
    • New security software purchased (INSTALLED!)
    • Security Door w/window, striker, frame & security bar (INSTALLED!)
    • New security camera (purchased!)
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